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[When the score reaches 50,000, the system will reward the skill of in-depth analysis of physical health.]

[When the score reaches 50,000, the system will reward the skill of in-depth analysis of physical health.] [If the score reaches 100,000, the system will reward the Star Book Sharing Skill.] …… Knowledge changes destiny, learning makes me happy! Content tag: System Sweet Text Chuanshu Shuangwen Search Keyword: Protagonist: Yunxingyue Supporting Role: Other: Chapter 1 On the beige European-style princess bed, Yunxingyue, who was caught in a dream, shook her head from side to side and murmured to herself: "No, no, Dad, Brother.." Under her bright and full forehead, a pair of crescent eyebrows naturally curved beautifully, and the frowning brows showed her inner restlessness at this time. After the long and warped eyelashes trembled frequently, Yunxingyue slowly opened her eyes. Vision from blurred to clear, that is, just a few seconds. Looking at the delicate chandelier overhead, Yunxingyue raised her hand and pressed it on her heart because of palpitation, and two lines of tears slipped quietly down the corner of her eyes. She had just had a long dream that she was living in a novel. Her father and four brothers are the villains in the book. In order to protect the heroine who looks like her, they lose their reputation and end up miserable. They become the sad supporting roles to win the tears of readers. Everything in the dream was so real that she could not help believing it. In the book, she, like her mother who died young, suffered from congenital genetic heart disease. This disease is very strange, and there is nothing unusual in the usual physical examination, but after she is 20 years old, her heart will fail rapidly, and then she will die in a very short time. As a result of her death, her father and four brothers have never recovered, and the only reason for guarding the woman is that she looks somewhat similar to herself. There is little description of her in the book, and her existence is only the reason for their blackening; while the father and brothers are also the NPCs that the author writes to serve the plot. He bit his lip, and the pain made Yunxingyue clench her hands into fists. Even if I live in a novel, what if I suffer from a strange incurable disease that can't be detected? My life depends on me! Now that she knows the plot, she will try to live and not let her father and brothers experience the pain and suffering in their dreams. An hour and a half later, Yunxingyue sat at her desk with a new look of spirit. Her long chestnut hair was tied into a high ponytail, revealing a long white neck; on her small round face, concealer covered the black under her eyes. When the corners of her mouth turn up, a small and lovely dimple immediately appears on her left cheek. Yunxingyue, come on! After careful consideration, Yun Xingyue made a decision: she would go to school to study hard, take the college entrance examination, and strive to enter the best medical school in the country to study congenital genetic heart disease. Instead of waiting for others to work out a way to cure herself, she would rather participate in it herself. She thought about it and did not intend to tell her family about the dream for the time being. On the one hand, Precision Welded pipes ,side impact door beams, this kind of thing is too strange, and on the other hand, if my father and brothers knew that they might die after the age of 20, they would be devastated. She is now seventeen years old, almost three years away from the age of twenty. Even if the disease is still incurable in the end, she will not let her father and brothers repeat the mistakes in their dreams. Even if there is no her in this world, they all want to live well. Being admitted to medical school for special research is the most convenient, fastest and most effective way for Yunxingyue at present. Her father and brothers do not know that she has the same disease as her mother, and learning from the third year of high school can dispel some of their doubts about their attitude change. Before knowing that he was living in a novel, Yunxingyue always felt that he was the happiest person in the world. Yun Xingyue's father, Yun Shen, and his mother, Chu Yanfei, were just catching up with the good time of reform and opening up when they were young. They set up Yun's Group from scratch. Yun Xingyue's four brothers are not her own, but orphans adopted by her parents, but the four brothers have spoiled her since childhood. Big Brother Yunxiao is a top lawyer and currently runs the most famous law firm in the country. The second brother Yunhe helps to manage the family's business, mainly responsible for the real estate and hotel industry. Yunbin, the third brother, started his own business when he was in college and set up a technology company. The fourth brother, Yunhai, is the CEO of an entertainment company, based in Beijing. Clouds, stars and the moon are born with wealth and honor. It can be said that they were born with a golden key in their mouth. Because of her family, she never went to school; from childhood to adulthood, she had countless private teachers, who were elites from all walks of life. The cloud family did not mean to train her to be a successor. All the courses were arranged according to Yunxingyue's own interests, which was very different from the school's exam-oriented education. However, this does not mean that Yunxingyue is a flower kept in a greenhouse. At the age of 17, she is proficient in English, French, German and Japanese. She is good at calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting and golf. She has also won a gold medal in a world-class programming competition. Yunxingyue has never felt the preciousness of time as clearly as she does now, because it is very likely that she has less than three years left in her life. Her goal is to make full use of the next day and not let herself have any regrets. Yun Xingyue racked her brains to make a personal recommendation letter for herself, attached all her strengths and advantages, and sent it to the principals of more than 50 high schools across the country in the form of mail. She searched the Internet for preparations for entering school and bought textbooks for junior and senior high schools online. Between liberal arts and science, Yunxingyue did not hesitate to choose science. Knowing her father and brothers, she was sure they would be firmly opposed to going to school for the third year, so she planned to act first and report later, and then try to persuade them when the relevant matters of admission were settled. At present, apart from learning, there is nothing else that can attract the attention of Yunxingyue. In the dream, Yunxingyue really felt the slowness of the heart at the onset of the disease, and every beat was as hard as a machine that was about to stop working, until finally, death came. Psychologically,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, she's already dead once. So, even though she knew that her illness was a blind spot in current medicine, she still made an appointment with a top private hospital for a comprehensive physical examination.