A Drunken Scene with a Smile [Complete Works]

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For a moment, I almost felt that he would rush over and pull Yan Ran's hand, which was about to be broken

For a moment, I almost felt that he would rush over and pull Yan Ran's hand, which was about to be broken by the red silk. However, this kind of style is not Lianchen's, but Hongfeng's. If he could hold Yan Ran's hand, he would never wait until now. Unable to bear to look again, I put aside my eyes and accidentally found that Hongfeng had been staring at me and quickly smiled at her. But she frowned and stared at me with her chin out of the door in a very inconspicuous way. Then he turned his head and stopped looking at me. Just as I was wondering what she meant, Lianchen stepped back and said, "By the way, Xuanhuo Palace also wants to ask Lord Chu for something. It's inconvenient at this time. I'll bother you again in the future. Please!" In my heart, Xingxuan's clear voice rang out: "Thank you for your kindness, Lord Pei. Please tell me that the unique treasure in the world is already in his hands. Please cherish it.". If you expect too much, I'm afraid you won't get any of it. Turning to look at Xingxuan, under the candlelight and flower shadow, his smile seemed to be separated by smoke and dew, once within reach, but no longer within reach. No need for Hongfeng to remind me that when the four black and red figures disappeared from the auditorium, I was already standing outside the door. Under the stone steps, the clothes of the red phoenix are hunting in the wind. I walked over quickly. She immediately said, "Pear falls, you go back with me." "Would you go back if Leng Yang hugged you?" I calmly looked at the red phoenix with willow eyebrows. "Of course, he won't do that.". If that's what you wanted me to say, we might as well take the time to kiss goodbye. I grinned and rushed to the red phoenix,CNC machining parts, presumably with the nourishment of love, this girl is more and more feminine, can not help but want to tease her. Hong Feng gently avoided, and for the first time she did not respond to my teasing. After a moment's silence, she said, "In that case, answer me a question first." She looked into my eyes and said, "Li Luo,deep draw stamping, I didn't lie to you about the jade bracelet, although I knew I couldn't tell you the truth.". Although, I regret it now. "What do you want to ask me?" "I only ask once, and you can only answer once." Hongfeng's expression became more and more serious. Without saying a word, I was vaguely aware of her next words. As expected, she said, "Where were you the night before last?" "In bed." My face is not red and my heart is not flustered. Luoyang? Red Phoenix did not realize that this was the second problem. I shook my head: "Jingwangfu.". My father and Nongyue are here. "Really?" The third one. I sighed and nodded. Bingyan didn't choose the wrong person, but what I like most is the simplicity of Hongfeng. Hongfeng stared at me with a complicated expression, and I looked at her calmly until her eyes moved away from my face. You take a message back for me. I grabbed Hongfeng and said, "I promised him, and I will never break my promise.". Please ask him not to interfere in this matter. Be sure not to. "Pears fall!" Hong Feng's voice was angry. "Can you put some thought into yourself?" My mind is on myself, so I live a very real life. I don't want to lie to myself. In that case, I will have nothing when I wake up. "You feel like you have nothing because you don't feel good about others." Hong Feng said slowly, "You have been ill in Nian yuan for so many days, and the palace master has been watching you every night until the wee hours of the morning. Just because Leng Qingyang said that it was easy to catch cold again at night, we refused to go for him.". But when you got better, titanium machining parts ,die casting parts, you ran away without saying a word. If he treats Huan Qi. "How long will it take him to become a nine-winged man?" I cut off the words of the red phoenix, can not let her go on, it is not easy to firm down the determination, can not withstand the slightest wavering. Why don't you just ask me what you want to know? A soft voice came to my ears through the night, and the smile I managed to maintain disappeared quickly. A shadow flashed before his eyes, his arms tightened and his feet lifted off the ground. When I touched the ground again, a pair of arms circled me in the corner, unable to move. The breath is tangled in the air rendered by red silk, and the familiar light fragrance is absent. My face seemed to be on fire, and I tried my best not to recall the night when the fragrance was floating. Steady your mind and look up at the face close at hand. Laugh, try to laugh. I'm just asking. How dare I bother you? I tried to push away the hand of the ice flame on the wall, but to no avail, I gave up. Say what you said to Hongfeng together. "Bingyan's words have no temperature, just like his expression now:" Before that, you swear that if there is a lie of half a word, you will.. " "I swear," I said, "if there is half a word of lies, I will lose the people I love most." Word by word, the eyes of the people in front of him gradually turned into ice, piercing into the heart, but felt no pain. As far as I am concerned, I have not lost the second chance, and this oath can be said to be with a good conscience. Mechanically opened and closed his mouth: "The night before yesterday, I was in Jingwangfu, with Dad and Nongyue..." The words did not finish, the lips of the ice flame pressed down. Unable to retreat, the back of my head pressed against the wall, passively bearing his kiss, letting the tip of his tongue open his teeth, just holding back, without any response. Long minutes and seconds, just when I was about to throw away my armor, his lips left me. Behind me, the solid stone wall made me stand motionless, and the hands hidden in my sleeves clenched tightly into fists, but I could still feel the trembling of the veins. Who is the person you love most? He whispered in my ear, and I turned my head slightly to avoid the warm breath in my ear, and my heart was confused. He yanked my wrist. "Come back with me now and I'll marry you right away." Forty-six fate is destroyed Shake your head gently. "Bang", fireworks lit up the night sky, flames such as stars, stars such as rain, all over the gorgeous and prosperous. People in the auditorium came out in twos and threes, and in the front hall, wine and food had already been prepared. Pity light cold, painting upstairs music everywhere. A wisp of hair brushed the neck of the ice flame, and my eyes were locked on it, in a trance. If I had heard this sentence earlier, I might have had a different answer before I left Muxue Village, before I left Chang'an, or even before I knew about Xingxuan's Western Expedition. It's not that I haven't thought about escaping. As long as I'm with him,DIN screw plug, I pretend that I can't see anything. I fantasize that one day I can go far away and live a plain life in any corner of the world. After a long time, all that should be forgotten will be forgotten, and everyone will find their own happiness. autoparts-dx.com