Apocalypse Leisurely Life (through farming text)

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"What trouble is that?" Said the cat. The cat exchanged a few more pleasantries with Mammy Zhang, and Mammy

"What trouble is that?" Said the cat. The cat exchanged a few more pleasantries with Mammy Zhang, and Mammy Zhang took her leave. The little peach stood there, and the cat leaned back lazily on the cushion, talking with the pumpkin about what to eat in the evening and what snacks to make for them later. Peach gradually can not stand, the foot secretly moved, the cat suddenly asked in harmony: "Your name is peach?"? A peach's peach? "In retrospect," said that little peach, "the maidservant is the peach of the peach." "Listen," laughed the cat. "You seem to be able to read." Xiao Tao shook her head and said, "The maidservant can't read. I just heard her mother say that when she gave birth to the maidservant, her father got a basket of peaches from the old lady. That's why she named her Xiao Tao." The cat smiled and said, "Peach is a good name. The result is happy." Xiao Tao said respectfully, "The maidservant thanks Miss Gu for her praise." With a faint smile, the cat took a small purse from the head of the bed and said, "I don't have any other requirements at ordinary times. My sister-in-law is heavy and can't do anything. You should help her do some chores at ordinary times.". Remember to do more and talk less. If you do well, you will be rewarded. "Well done." The cat looked at her and said with a slight smile, "We are guests, and we can't overstep our authority. We can only return you to Mammy Zhang." When Xiao Tao heard this, her face changed slightly and she said, "The maidservant must take good care of the girl and the young mistress." The cat smiled and said, "Well,car radiator cap, you go down." "Yes." Xiao Tao answered respectfully and retreated. Pumpkin waits for small peach, just do not have the heart to say: "Cat, you see others little girl age how young, come to serve a person, still do not embarrass others!" The cat raised her little face with a smile and said, "Sister-in-law, I didn't embarrass her!"! You see, I gave her a reward. Pumpkin thought for a moment and said,Magnetic Drain Plug, "Yes, you gave her a silver reward." The cat secretly curled her lips. If it weren't for the fact that sister-in-law is usually easy to be a good person, why would she bother to be the villain? This kind of big family, see you easy to bully, the most likely to have some things to meet high and trample low. In particular, she and Pumpkin were from the countryside, and the servants, though of low status, liked to look down on the country people. If you don't make this little girl obedient, she and sister-in-law will have a hard time in the future! The cat rubbed his head and thought for a while, but his head hurt. Fortunately, he was lucky enough not to be born in such a place. Had it not been for her mother's insistence on not taking her away, she would have been too lazy to stay at Liu's house! Fortunately, I can't stay for a few days before I leave. Pumpkin says again: "Cat, alloy die casting ,die cast light housing, a few days ago the doctor still had said, you walk as little as possible!"! How can you make steamed stuffed buns for them? The cat sighed in her heart, "Sister-in-law, we are living in other people's homes now, so troublesome things, what is the little thing of making a snack?" She looked at the pumpkin with a worried look and said, "Sister-in-law, it doesn't matter. My feet will be fine soon. It doesn't matter if I walk these steps.". Besides, we always have to cook at night, so we can't stay in bed every day. Then she got up and dressed. Pumpkin asked for help, but she declined. When she got to the kitchen, she sat down on the chair and called Xiao Tao in. She asked her to help her and pumpkin to make tofu skin steamed buns. But in one afternoon, they made thirty steamed buns and sent them to Xiaotao. The peach was not sent to the kitchen, but to Mrs. Liu. Mrs. Liu took a glance at the steamed stuffed bun and asked the servant to take it to the kitchen and steam it for the young master and the old lady. Then she asked the little peach, "How is it?"? Is that steamed stuffed bun made by Miss Gu? More more good book please visit ask Haoyang e-book city Www. Chnxp. Com. Cn. Xiao Tao nodded and said, "It was Miss Gu who did it. Granny Gu just played a part in it." With a look of admiration on her face, she said, "When Miss Gu arrived at the kitchen, she sat down on the chair and asked me to do what I did first and then what I did. The command was in good order and not disorderly at all. The thirty steamed buns were finished in a moment." Mrs. Liu asked some more questions about the cat after Mammy Zhang left, and then waved her down. Mrs. Liu was silent for a moment. Then she suddenly said to Mammy Zhang with a smile, "Tell me, how did the Gu family raise their daughter?"? Have you raised such a girl? Mammy Zhang shook her head and said, "I don't know. This girl seems to be very familiar with the rules here. Could it be that Mr. Gu told her?" Mrs. Liu couldn't help laughing and said, "How could a big man like him know about these things? Maybe Liniang mentioned it before." Pumpkin and cat lived in the courtyard where Gu Fu usually lived. When they saw that the kitchen had all the kitchen utensils, they opened fire and cooked by themselves. Gu Fu and Gu Quan came back to eat as a matter of course. The food cooked in Liu's big kitchen was not half as delicious as that cooked by pumpkin, not to mention the cat. The cat knew that several brothers also liked to eat tofu skin steamed buns, but she usually thought it was too troublesome to make them, and now the materials were all available, so she conveniently steamed a few for the three brothers. As soon as Gu Quan came back from school, he went straight to the kitchen. When he saw the steamed buns, he raised his hand to take them. He was stopped by his sister's light cough. He scratched his head and said, "I'm going to wash my hands." He flew out and washed his hands. When he came back, he picked up the steamed stuffed bun and ate it fiercely. As he ate, he said, "I knew you would make this steamed stuffed bun today. I just saw Wen Li eating it again. I tasted one and I knew it was made by you." The cat brought him a cup of soybean milk and said, "Little brother, eat some soybean milk. Be careful not to choke. Eat less. When Big Brother comes back, we will have dinner." Gu Quan ate three in one breath and said, "I won't have dinner." The cat smiled and said, "I cooked a pot of porridge for dinner, and in the evening I ate porridge and steamed stuffed buns." When Gu Quan heard this, he loosened his hand and said, "Then I'll keep my stomach for a while." The cat said, "Little brother, how are you reading these days?"? Are you all right? Gu Quan says: "satisfactory, the thing that the gentleman says is much also, also do not like to hit a person." The cat can't help laughing. This is because you were too naughty before,socket screw plug, okay? She said to herself. Gu Quan lowered his voice and said mysteriously, "Cat, do you know what happened to the bad guy who tied you up?" 。 autoparts-dx.com