The screenwriters wife of the president

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The phone rang, and it was Jiang Jinrun. After answering the phone, she went to the corridor and looked down,

The phone rang, and it was Jiang Jinrun. After answering the phone, she went to the corridor and looked down, only to see Jiang Jinrun standing under the tree with a large bunch of roses. yuan Zixia was so frightened that she hurried down. Jiang Jinrun, what are you doing? yuan Zixia exclaimed, "If you do this, everyone will think that I am really kept by you!" "I just want everyone to know that you are my man!" Jiang Jinrun looked at her proudly. You yuan Zixia stared at him and said, "I'm going to be so angry with you. Can you think about it for me before you do something?"? I'm only a sophomore this year. How can I spend the next two years if you do this? "Go your own way and let others talk!" Jiang Jinrun came forward and put his arm around her shoulder: "Don't worry about it, let everyone say it slowly!"! As long as we are happy. It's lunch time. I've made a reservation. Let's go quickly! "I'm really speechless to you!" yuan Zixia stared at him, but felt very happy in her heart! She doesn't care what people say about her! She doesn't live for anyone else. Why do you care so much. Jiang Jinrun hugged her into the car and then started the car to leave. Chen Feixiang lay on the railing and watched what happened below. Why does yuan Zixia like the man who is nearly 30 years old? What kind of benefits did he give her? His car is just an ordinary SUV, and it shouldn't cost much to buy. This man doesn't look like a very rich man. What does she want from him? yuan Zixia put the flowers on the back seat and got out of the car and walked with him to the restaurant. She was connected when she saw the wireless network in the restaurant. Turn on the mobile phone and play. Suddenly saw Jiang Qingfeng's new play already started to broadcast, she was very excited: "Jin Run, do you know?"? The script that I participated in has been made into a TV play, and it can be seen now. "Let me see!" Taking her cell phone,Stainless steel foundry, he looked at it for a while and said, "It's very well written and meaningful!" "This is the result of my efforts with my sister Huayi!" yuan Zixia smiled: "When she wrote this novel, I revised it!"! That's why there is such a perfect beauty like the breeze coming naturally. "You mean you have half the credit!" He raised his eyebrows. It doesn't count! She smiled. "Only a small part of my credit!"! How can I compare with sister Hua Yi? "If you work hard, you will surpass her!" Jiang Jinrun raised his fist: "Come on!" "All right!"! Don't make fun of me! She lowered her head to eat seriously. Since Mei Ru Qing Feng came to broadcast naturally, the ratings have been rising steadily! Every family plays it on the TV in the evening. In the Internet bar,Steel investment casting, no matter men or women, old or young, it is playing on the screen. I can only say that this play is really good and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Jiang Qingfeng instantly became a popular idol and evolved into a male God. And the TV series is also popular in Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. The popularity of the drama also made other people in the drama popular. Even Angel and Gao Weizhi have gained a lot of popularity, and the indecent video has been forgotten by everyone. Qian Hua, sitting in front of the computer, laughed happily. She knew the play would be a success. But I didn't expect it to be an instant hit. Even she, the scriptwriter, became popular with her. And many companies have invited her to write scripts! Some companies even send the outline. But after all, she is just a weak girl, Investment casting parts ,deep draw stamping, and she can't finish it because of the heavy workload. So she arranged the scripts with outlines for several of her capable assistants, and asked each of them to write a version, which she finally coordinated and revised. Qian Huayi picked up her cell phone and called Jiang Qingfeng. Qingfeng, who was sitting in the dressing room, was very happy: "Huayi, why are you free to call me?" "I saw your play, and it was very good, and I performed all the feelings I wanted!" Hua Yi says: "For this play, also laborious you!" "The hardest person is you!" Breeze said: "I want to thank you, if it were not for you, I would not have such achievements today!"! Thank you. You are really my lucky star. ” Hua Yi smiled, "What are you doing recently?"? Does the company have a new play for you? Fan meetings have been going on for the last few days. I don't know which day I will arrive in Dongyang. I will inform you at that time, you must come to the scene! Don't worry, I'll be there! Then I will not disturb your work! Remember to rest more! You, too, must take good care of your body! Don't lose weight! When I get back, I'll check it out. "I know, then I'll hang up!" Hua Yi hung up the phone with a smile. Open the document on the computer and continue to write the script. Now the daily workload is so heavy that she almost has no time to eat. Suddenly she heard a knock at the door, and Qianhuayi hurried to knock. I saw yuan Zixia and Jiang Jinrun standing in front of the door. She laughed happily. "What are you doing here?"? Come on in, come on in. "Sister Huayi, we are here to congratulate you!" yuan Zixia handed her the flowers in her hand: "Sister Hua Yi, you are great!" Jiang Jinrun put the fruit basket on the ground and said, "I saw the play, and it's really good!" "This is the result of my cooperation with Zixia!" Smiling, Qianhua ran back to the computer desk, opened the drawer and took out a card from it, saying, "Zixia, this is your remuneration.". Although I didn't add your name, I think you have a talent for writing plays. You can also try to write about it. I can help you open up the market. "Thank you, Sister Huayi, no need!" She pushed the card away: "I help my sister not for fame and fortune, but for sisterhood.". But I can think about my sister's proposal. Maybe I can become a gold medal screenwriter like my sister in the future! "I'm not a gold medal screenwriter!" Hua Yi smiled modestly and said,non standard fasteners, "I've been writing novels for two or three years, and this is the only one that has succeeded.". I need to continue to work hard! "One is already very good!" Zixia smiled, "Some people never make a TV play or movie in their whole life.". You are already a successful person! 。