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All the students looked at her in surprise, from staring at her to finally throwing themselves into it. Several

All the students looked at her in surprise, from staring at her to finally throwing themselves into it. Several female students even cried. When Bai Miaomiao finished the song, everyone's eyes were already red. Not to mention, the result was that Bai Miaomiao won. A burst of applause came from the door, everyone turned to look at the past, many people recognized, who are the people at the door? He Qiong, Xie, Li Weijia, Du Haiteng and Wu Xi are the first elder brother and the first elder sister of Mango Taiwan. I'm sorry to bother you, but your singing is so attractive. He Qiong said with a smile. Oh, my God, He Qiong, can you sign it for me? A female classmate excitedly took out a notebook and pen from her bag and ran to He Qiong and said to them. He Qiong, of course, they would not refuse. They disturbed them first. After he Qiong signed for everyone, he looked at Bai Miaomiao and said, "Bai Miaomiao is very happy to see you." "You know me?" Xie smiled, "there can not know, our station director finally invited people,turmeric extract powder, we can not pay attention to it?" In fact, Xie was also very curious about Bai Miaomiao. She didn't know where her magic was. The station director actually invited her to participate in the program "King of Songs", which has been more than half of the program. But after listening to this song, she knew why the station director invited her. You are really very capable. Li Weijia said appreciatively. Bai Miaomiao also did not expect, is to sing a song casually, can attract He Qiong several people. Thank you, Mr. He, for looking up to you. I need you to take care of me during this period. Bai Miaomiao said with a smile. Looking at the conversation between Bai Miaomiao and He Qiong,naringenin price, everyone saw clearly the difference between Bai Miaomiao and He Shanshan. Although He Shanshan's family is rich, it is not convincing to be rich now. He Qiong and Bai Miaomiao chatted for a while and then left first. After all, this is not the place to talk. After that, at the dinner table, the students were all around Bai Miaomiao and Shangguan Xue. After all, they are big stars now. After the party, He Shanshan did not continue to organize the following activities. Today, she lost her face. What else did she organize? She left angrily. Many students saw that the host had left and dispersed one after another. Miao Miao, you have a good rest today, and when you win the championship, we will get together again. Although Yan Daiyun was not satisfied, she also knew that Bai Miaomiao needed a good rest, after all, she would be on the show tomorrow. Bai Miaomiao smiled and said, jujube seed powder ,ghana seed extract, "OK, you wait in the hotel at ten o'clock tomorrow, and then you will go with me." Lei Xin they are temporary, she is a little worried that they will not be able to enter the scene, so let them come and meet her and then go together. On the day of the competition, Bai Miaomiao sat comfortably in the dressing room and let the makeup artist make up. There were only two people in the room, Shangguanxue and Xiaoxi. After Lei Xin and Yan Daiyun followed her, the director arranged for them to go to the studio, which made Bai Miaomiao very grateful. Miaomiao, what song are you going to use today? Shangguan Xue is even more nervous than Bai Miaomiao, "or use your" a song of lovesickness ", this song can definitely kick the hall successfully." Bai Miaomiao glanced at her, "wait a minute and you'll know." Shangguan Xue put her hands around her chest and looked at her ancient costume, which she remembered was the costume when she played Chu Liuxiang. "You can't sing a new song in this ancient costume!" Bai Miaomiao smiled mysteriously, "wait and see for yourself." Shangguanxue looked at Bai Miaomiao, her teeth did not know why they suddenly itched, but now she simply could not do anything to her. Soon, it was Bai Miaomiao's turn to come on stage. Inside the studio, Huang Zishan finished singing the last note, and He Qiong walked onto the stage with a smile. I'm glad Zishan brought us such a good song. Do you like it? "Like it!" The audience interacted excitedly. Then you must remember to vote for your favorite singers, but the fate of several singers is in your hands. He Qiong said in a loud voice, "Next, let's welcome the next kickhouse singer." Kick the gym? The audience is confused! There is also a kickhouse singer in this competition. As He Qiong stepped off the stage, they remembered a kind of music they had never heard before. What was this soft and beautiful music? "After robbing the nine-fold city pass, I dismounted in full swing, looked at the fluttering clothes, lifted my skirt while rubbing my shoulders, traveled all over the three rivers and six banks, and borrowed a knife to make a sail." Seeing the people on the stage clearly on the spot, the sound of cheering exploded. Miaomiao! "Bai Miaomiao!" "Bai Miaomiao!" The audience cheered in unison, shouting the voice of Bai Miaomiao. Several singers who had already sung well in the background all showed surprise when they heard the cheers. Is this the Queen of Heaven coming? Zhang Hanyu said curiously. Huang Zishan shook her head. "I don't know. The program group didn't tell us anything at all." Not only did the scene explode, but the audience in front of the TV also exploded. They didn't expect that Mango TV would invite Bai Miaomiao to sing. Sister, hurry to look at the mango stage, what, what to look at, look at Bai Miaomiao! "Brother, look at the goddess, quickly." Many viewers in front of the TV picked up their mobile phones and began to inform their close relatives and friends. Sleeping in the wind and snow for many years, I had breakfast with the tiger, carrying the fishing string of the old man, and asked Wolong how much it was. With Bai Miaomiao's singing, the audience suddenly quieted down. The melody of this song is something they have never heard before. It's so beautiful and sad! Soon the whole song was finished. Bai Miaomiao bowed to everyone and returned to the backstage. This time she came to the room where all the singers rested. When she went in, several singers who had been curious all the time looked over. When they saw Bai Miaomiao, they were shocked. Hello, everyone, I'm Bai Miaomiao. Bai Miaomiao introduced herself politely. Chapter 128 kick the hall successfully. "Hello,pumpkin seed extract, I'm Zhang Jie. I told you when I came home yesterday. Nice to meet you." Zhang Jie got up and said with a smile. Bai Miaomiao didn't expect Xie to talk to Zhang Jie about herself. She just met him yesterday. "Hello, brother Jie." With Zhang Jie's beginning, Bai Miaomiao easily integrated into the group. prius-biotech.com