All living beings, I only love you.

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All living All living beings, I only love you.All living beings, I only love you.beings, I only love you.

Out of Ning Fei's stubble, the rest of the people did not care why Lu Nianjin cried, only Xiao Xun, after she sat down, frowned and asked, "Brocade, why on earth are you crying?" Lu Nianjin looked at him sideways, his eyelids were slightly red, and his expression was complicated. "Just now, after the prince answered my question, there seemed to be a faint flash in front of me." You said that scene, you really, willing to resist the emperor, with my life and death, my heart touched deeply, then. I couldn't help but burst into tears. After listening to her, Xiao Xun was silent for a moment, then suddenly approached her and whispered in her ear, "Do you remember what the palace told you after Dunlun, and did the palace also see a lot of shadowy pictures?"? Do you think we were husband and wife in previous lives, so when we do similar things in this life, we will feel something? When Lu Nianjin heard him say this, he suddenly thought of Meng Qingting again. Didn't she just have the memory of her previous life? Maybe she can find a chance to ask her about her past life! Xiao Xun did not know what Lu Nianjin was thinking. Seeing that she was distracted, he could not help pinching her waist under the table and said, "What is the Crown Princess thinking?"? Why don't you answer what I said? Lu Nianjin was pinched by him, and then he came to his senses and said angrily, "I'm thinking about the past life mentioned by the prince." Maybe we were really husband and wife in our previous life. "Does the prince remember Meng Qingting's special?" As she spoke, she mentioned Meng Qingting again and raised her eyebrows. "Do you think she looks like the kind of person who was reincarnated without drinking Meng Po Tang?" Xiao Xun listened to her words, instant epiphany, "you mean, she is because of the memory of past lives, so she can predict so many things?" Lu Nianjin, "I doubt it." As they were talking, the peony beside the empress suddenly came this way and stopped at Lu Nianjin's side. Fu Shen said, "Crown Princess,uns c68700, the empress sees that your eyes are swollen from crying. Let the maidservant take you to the side hall to wash." Lu Nianjin raised his head and looked at the queen. At a distance, the queen nodded at her. Then let's go! Lu Nianjin hung his head, stood up, and walked out with the peony. Xiao Xun watched her walk away step by step, frowning slightly, and winked at Yun Jiang. Yun Jiang understood, and secretly followed her with Yun. Lu Nianjin was led to the last side hall by the peony. After dressing and washing, she was about to leave when a stone suddenly bounced off the beam. She felt a pain in her back. The next moment, she lost consciousness. At the same time, two men in black on the beam jumped off the beam with lightning speed, and before Lu Nianjin fell to the ground, they quickly caught her and the peony beside her, without making a sound. Watching a quarter of an hour passed, and a quarter of an hour passed, Lu Nianjin had not yet come out, secretly followed by Yun Jiang and Yun, not anxious, two people looked at each other, uns s32750 sheet ,x52 line pipe, Yun Jiang toward the inside of the side hall, a low cry, "girl?" There is no response in it. As soon as Yun Jiang's face changed, she said she was offended. The next moment, she raised her foot and kicked open the door of the side hall. As soon as the door opens, the environment inside is in full view. I saw Lu Nianjin and Shaoyao lying on the ground, their faces burning pink. Girl Yun Jiang uncontrollably rushed toward Lu Nianjin, while Yun Kui checked the side hall. She looked around, inside and outside, but did not find any trace of people coming in and out. How's it going Yun Jiang helped Lu Nianjin to the brocade couch, moved the peony to the other side, and asked in a deep voice. Yun Kui shook his head, "there is no trace of man-made search." "Wake up the girl first!" Yun Jiang Su said with a face, "you immediately go to the hall to inform the prince, and then go to ask a doctor to come over." Yun Kui promised and retreated. Before long, Yun came back and said respectfully, "Sister Yun Jiang, the prince can't leave. Let's take the Crown Princess back to Shifu for medical treatment first." "That's all right," Yun Jiang nodded, and the two of them picked up Lu Nianjin and walked out together. What they didn't know was that not long after they left, the bed in the side hall opened from inside, and then the two men in black appeared and moved the peony down from the bed. In the side hall, it soon returned to normal. The feast broke up after an hour. When Xiao Xun came out, Lu Nianjin had already been sent back to Guoshi Mansion. With her in mind, he told the emperor and the empress about Lu Nianjin's departure and rushed to Guoshi Mansion without stopping. When he got back to Guoshi Mansion, as soon as he got off his horse, he asked the big housekeeper who had come out, "How is the Crown Princess?" With an embarrassed look on his face, the butler hesitated. If you go back to the prince, it doesn't seem to be the Crown Princess that Miss Yun Jiang and Miss Yun Jiang brought back! "What did you say?" As soon as Xiao Xun heard that the person he brought back was not Lu Nianjin, his face changed in an instant, and he rushed to the direction of Luoshen Garden. When he arrived at Luoshen Garden, he didn't have to ask much at all. He just glanced at the bed and understood what the housekeeper had just meant. It was not Lu Nianjin that Yun Jiang and Yun Yu brought back, but the peony that had been transfigured into Lu Nianjin. On the bed, the human skin mask on the peony's face had been stripped off, and his face was as red as blood. What kind of poison did she have? Xiao Xun, with one hand behind him, looked at the doctor with a cold face and asked. Zhou Taiyi shivered, lowered his head and carefully reported back, "If you go back to the prince, the peony girl is not poisoned, she, she is drunk." "Drunk?" Xiao Xun gathered his eyebrows tightly, closed his eyes and sniffed, "but there is no smell of wine in the room." "Tell the prince that ordinary people are drunk because they drink too much, so there is a smell of alcohol on their bodies, but the peony girl is different, she only drank a sip, drunk unconscious, naturally there is no smell of alcohol on her body." "Do you mean that she drank the spirit of the spirit, just one sip, and she was drunk and unconscious?" "That's what I mean." Xiao Xun understood, he looked at him again, "to find a way to sober her up, this palace into the palace," finished,316 stainless steel plate, he did not look back and went out. Yun Jiang and Yun Kui looked at each other, both of them had unspeakable despair in their eyes-if anything happened to the Crown Princess, they would not be able to live! Xiao Xun rode back to the palace with the fastest speed.