Be pleased with oneself

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Be pleased with oneself Be pleased with oneself Be pleased with oneself Be pleased with oneself

Back to the villa, Liang Shan looked back and asked, "Son, your room was given to Zixi. Did you choose another one?" "I'll stay in the opposite room." Xia Qing really doesn't have a good tone, and he is not happy in his heart. That's good Liang Shan nodded and turned to Fu Zixi. Zixi, you take a hot bath and go to bed early. "Well.". Thank you, madam. Smiling, Fu Zixi walked to the room. After a few steps, he turned around and asked, "Madam, do I have to get up at 8 o'clock tomorrow?" "No.". Go to sleep and get up to play. "Yes, thank you, madam." After Fu Zixi entered the room, Xia Qing went to the guest room on the grounds that his legs were tired. After a while, Liang Shan also went back to her room. He knocked on Fu Zixi's door, but no one answered. He went back to his room to call her again, but no one answered. He guessed that she was in the shower, so he sent her a text message. I'm your boyfriend. You are mine. Chapter 31 When Fu Zixi returned to his room, he went to take a shower. Humming a song under the shower, feeling very happy. Suddenly she felt a little hot on her waist and touched it a few times. Passed a little while,316l stainless steel pipe, feel urticant, she goes scratching, the result scratches more and more urticant, she looks down strangely. Then the song stopped. There were small red bumps where she had scratched. She was a little confused, thought it was a mosquito bite, tentatively scratched a few more times, and then the red packet quickly spread, a small piece into a large piece. Frightened,x52 line pipe, she went to touch the part that had just risen, and as a result, the large area continued to extend, and the upper abdomen and back began to itch. She was surprised and confused, and she was really itchy, so she scratched and washed it with water, but the more hot water she washed, the more itchy it was. The little red spots on her waist and abdomen made her scalp tingle. She dared not wash any more, so she wiped herself hurriedly, put on her pajamas and came out. Fu Zixi threw himself on the bed and then lay flat on the bed to grind his back, but the itching could not be stopped. She was so helpless that she hugged the big bear next to her and rolled over. Itch. It itches everywhere. She didn't know what was going on, and after a few rounds, she sat up in a panic and went to look for her cell phone. At this moment, Fu Zixi's brain can still turn around. She had only two contacts in her address book, 316ti stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, and she was not foolish enough to call Fu Zile in the neighboring city. Xia Qing's text message, she did not see what in the end, directly dialed out. When his voice sounded at the other end, she cried helplessly. Xia Qing.. Fu Zixi himself did not know how, she is sure, Xia Qing will not ignore her. No matter how angry he was just now, if she was really bad, he would be good to her. After sending the text message, Xia Qing threw his cell phone aside and went to take a bath. As soon as I came out, my cell phone rang. As soon as he saw that it was Fu Zixi, he was happy. But as soon as he picked it up, before he could tease her, there came her crying. His heart trembled. What's the matter? She sniffed and forced herself to stop crying. A lot of mosquito bites. It's itchy. As soon as he heard the itch, he worried about whether she was allergic to seafood, so he said hurriedly, "Open the door and wait for me to come over." "Well." Fu Zixi put down his cell phone and scratched to open the door. Seeing him, she felt a little relieved and a little ready to cry. Xia Qing, small bag, red, many, many. Xia Qing controlled her scratching. "Don't scratch. Let me see." He closed the door and lifted her dress. Her waist, abdomen and back were covered with red rashes, which made her look a little scary. When Fu Zixi saw such a dense red dot, his tears fell down. There wasn't so much just now. Why has it become so much. Xia Qing gently wiped her tears and coaxed her. Be good, don't cry. You are allergic to the fish in the sea. I'll get you some medicine. "Xia Qing, I'm so scared." She thought it was terrible, and she was covered with small bags. He put his arms around her and patted her on the back. Not afraid. It's all Right. Just take the medicine and you'll be fine. I'm here. Wait for me to come back. She nodded. She believed him. Xia Qing, come back quickly. "Don't scratch," said Xia Qing before he left. "The more you scratch, the more it itches." She nodded again. I'm waiting for you. I won't catch you. ” Xia Qing went out to find the medicine box, picked up the allergy medicine and mint cream, looked at the production date of the medicine, went to get a cup of boiled water, and then returned to the room. Fu Zixi sat on the bed, because it was so itchy that he kept twisting his body and borrowing the friction of his clothes to relieve it. Xia Qing came over, put the medicine on the bedside table, and patted her on the back first. Does that make it less itchy? "Well.". Xia Qing, hit me again. I itch.. He patted a few more times and then handed her the medicine. "Here, take the medicine first, and I'll rub the ointment on you." She obediently sent the medicine in and asked, "Xia Qing, why am I sick?" "Because you are greedy." That's what he said, but Xia Qing's tone was very gentle. The fish in the sea are very fierce. They are not happy when you eat so much. She froze. The sea is really fierce. Xia Qing gave a hum and let her lie down. Fu Zixi lay down obediently and lifted her clothes on her own initiative. She dared not look at the small rashes any more. She thought it was good to have Xia Qing, who was not afraid of those terrible little red bags. Xia Qing saw that she had lifted all her clothes and paused. There were only marks on her chest from his bite. Does your chubby also itch? "It doesn't itch." His tone is getting worse. Then cover it! Why do you pull so high clothes? She put her clothes down again and twisted her body a few times. Xia Qing, hurry up. I'm itchy. Xia Qing was silent for a moment. Her words would be quite good if they were in other scenes. Then he said with seeming displeasure. You are greedy, and you want me to serve you. Fu Zixi flattened his mouth and looked at him with that pitiful look. All right,uns c70600, don't cry. I'll rub the ointment on you. Fu Zixi felt that the ointment was cool, and it was not so itchy when he just rubbed it on. But after a while it itched again, and she twisted again. lksteelpipe.commoney-mouth