Crossing the Second World-Hiroko

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Crossing the Second World-HirokoCrossing the Second World-HirokoCrossing the Second World-Hiroko

For this reason, do you regard yourself as the hatred of death? Moreover, he was not fighting for the Nangong family at the beginning, so he ignored Ye Bin and waited for him to settle the matter of the Nangong family. After that, he had already left the house, and the phone couldn't get through, so he had to give up. For what you have done, I kept working hard in the game, but I found that no matter how hard I worked, I could not surpass you. Finally, I met Wen, who gave me a good condition to lead the north, to be a leader of the north, and finally to be promoted to the boss. Ye Bin slowly recalled the time when he met that woman. But the summer is surprised, is this the reason why he wants to go against himself? Is this what he calls a friend? Summer is a little excited, perhaps on their own body will be such a feeling, after all, their success has forgotten their friends, it is no wonder that Ye Bin will hate themselves, in fact, they have neglected, so they do not blame him, if it were to do their own may also do so. Slowly slowing down his mood, Summer looked at Ye Bin and said, "In fact,white marble mosaic, it was because of some festivals between the Nangong family and Zhu Xian at that time. At the beginning, I neglected you. Ye Bin, I really want to say that when I was looking for you, I was really a little disappointed. You left the house and never got in touch with you again. These are all my heart knots." After all, when I came to this big city, you helped me read so many sad days, lent me money, helped me find a job in the company, and for me.. "Enough!" Ye Bin roared. He looked at Summer with disdain on his face and said,Pietra Gray Marble, "Do you still know that?"? Now that you think of it, why didn't you think of me when you were so successful? Looking at Ye Bin, who was a little excited, I didn't know what to say to answer him in summer. I was really negligent. Ye Bin helped me a lot when I came to this city. Until now, I still owe him two thousand yuan. It's my fault. At the beginning, I was good for nothing in that guild. I wanted to help you, but you didn't look for me all the time. And when I looked for you, I knew that you had moved. I didn't know where you moved to live in the villa, but now I don't need it! Ye Bin opened his hands. I am now the boss of five million people, I do not even need you now, even if the strength is not much worse, now you tell me what is the use of these? Do you want to ask me to release Zhu Xian? Give you the residence of Zhu Xian? Let you see the light of day? Ye Bin's voice made Summer feel a trace of pain. What do you mean? Feng Ruxuan said that he had come over, but before he came to Ye Bin, he was stopped by summer: "Go back!" Feng Ruxuan looked at the angry summer heart surprised, he had never seen him so angry with himself, sighed slightly, perhaps this is the matter between them, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Calacatta Nano Glass, slowly retreated back. Thank you friends, continue to break out, continue to seek the gold medal, less than No.1, the first can not be guaranteed to be mine! Thank you Chapter 708 what is a friend? Ye Bin looked disdainfully at Feng Ruxuan, then looked at Summer and said, "Now you have no way to go, right?"? Do you want to ask me? The anger in Feng Ruxuan's heart has risen to its peak, and if he hadn't been organized again and again in the summer, it is estimated that now he has launched his own divine power to attack Ye Bin with all his strength. (..) Summer didn't think much of Ye Bin's question. Everything was his own negligence. He couldn't be blamed for it. Looking at Ye Bin's angry eyes, Summer said: "In fact, you don't have to do this. Whether Zhu Xian can see the light of day or not is just a matter of my words. Now as long as I want, I can let Zhu Xian recapture the station again. But since you occupied it, I can give in!" Cut ~ Ye Bin disdained a smile, looking at the distance next to Chang'an, Zhu Xian station is now their own, want to take back, just a matter of your words? How interesting! "Don't talk big summer, now I have more than five million members in my hands, even if you are a monomer in the fierce, you can now more than one million people?"? Don't talk big, you can't do it! Ye Bin looked at the summer disdainfully, not to mention the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of regular troops in his hands, only the core members have reached more than two million, although the strength of the peripheral members is not very good, but as the saying goes, although the mole ants are small and many are broken. Suddenly, Ye Bin took out his dagger and said to Summer, "Take out your weapon. Let's compete here. From now on, we will never default again!" Ruthless words let summer a little at a loss, in this city, he is his first friend, but also his first heart-to-heart friend, is it so split? Is it just for a game? Is this still a game? Summer how I hope Ye Bin and himself are also a game, so that we can end happily, but unfortunately, he took a weapon at himself. Do friends have to be like this? Summer asked, for Ye Bin, he still felt infinite guilt, in any case, it was his neglect that caused the present situation. He seized his own station and forced his trade union into Nanming Lake, which was nothing, but why did he meet each other with swords and guns? Ye Bin laughed and said indifferently, "Friend?"? What is a friend? Is it a person like you who forgets his poor friends after getting rich? Ungrateful! Summer face a red, since there is nothing to say, Feng Ruxuan has long been ready, as long as he dares to start his first will kill him, his highest attack skills are absolutely not blown. (..) Looking at the summer, Feng Ruxuan took out his own weapons, and when Feng Ruxuan thought the summer was going to start, he suddenly saw that the summer equipment was dragged down one by one. Ye Bin also looked at the summer strangely, waiting for the latter to slowly take off all his equipment, leaving only the coarse cloth clothes protected by the system. He spread out his hands and said, "In that case, come on,Granite Slab Supplier, Ye Bin. I apologize for my previous negligence. You can kill me as much as you like!" Feng Ruxuan frightened, how could this happen? Isn't this a death wish? 200 drop a word a month to also rise not to come up, is Liu elder brother head kicked by the donkey.