When the man mutinied in the harem

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Lingzhu felt a soft and continuous feeling on the back of her hand, which flowed through her fingers from the back

Lingzhu felt a soft and continuous feeling on the back of her hand, which flowed through her fingers from the back of her hand and ran from her fingertips to the flower. Sure enough, after the last bit of feeling disappeared, the little flower came to life and stretched out its leaves to gently rub against Lingzhu's palm. Wow, it's really awesome! Shen Hua smiled and said, "You can do the same thing after Lingzhu introduces the air into the body." Lingzhu looked at him with shining eyes, obviously admiring and looking forward to it. Professor Shen Hua took the opportunity to say, "This little flower is called Silver Silk Flower. You can see that its petals are a little bit.". The worm we just caught is a silver worm, which specializes in eating silver flowers, and sometimes other flowers. Lingzhu nodded and wrote it down silently. Shen Hua took her to know three or four kinds of flowers in succession, and taught her to catch insects and water them, which were different from the habits of several kinds of flowers. Li Lan looked aside and really sighed with emotion: "Shen Hua is really patient." Luo Jiushao, who had always had a black face, loosened his expression and said to Yourong, "Naturally, Shen Hua's temperament has always been very good. If he were a woman, I would definitely marry him." Li Lan's supercilious look is almost turned to the sky, the secret way in the heart, if Shen Hua is a woman, I absolutely isolate her from you, such a good person can not be spoiled by dregs. Luo Jiushao noticed Li Lan's facial expression. He couldn't help but stop watering. His face turned black and he said, "Why are you rolling your eyes?"? Am I not worthy of Shen Hua? Li Lan, of course, did not dare to say that she did not deserve it. She cowardly changed the subject: "How do you marry her?"? What about Younger Martial Sister Yunxi? What about Elder Liu? Didn't you say you wanted to protect the younger martial sister before? You can't let go of so many people. Does it make her sad to marry her? In fact, there is still her before she came,plastic cosmetic tubes, but Li Lan should not pull herself in. You women just think too much. I just make a joke sometimes, and I don't do anything, do I? If someone else likes me, can I stop them? Besides, at least she is a fellow student, and sometimes it's nothing to help her. Besides, even if there is anything, before you get married, isn't it all your love and my wish? Luo Jiushao felt wronged. Li Lan: Hehe. She felt that she was inconsistent with Luo Jiushao's three outlooks,plastic laminated tube, and did not want to talk to him about moral issues, lest she herself be frustrated and tired. It can only be said that fortunately, this person also knew that before the golden elixir, he could not release yuanyang casually. Otherwise, it was estimated that all the beautiful nuns in the Kunlun Sect would suffer from Luo Jiushao's "hot hand destroying flowers". She stopped here, but Luo Jiushao suddenly said, "But if Shen Hua is a woman, I can't guarantee anything else, but he must be the first one in my heart.". If he's not happy, I won't do it. Li Lan was startled, and the soul of the rotten girl in her heart was ready to move. Luo Jiushao seemed to be distressed for a moment. Then he picked up the shovel to loosen the soil and said, "What's the use of saying so much? Shen Hua is not a man yet.". He is very tolerant of me, unlike you nuns, who are always petty. Li Lan:.. Hello, straight man. Bye, straight man. Over there, Shen Hua was almost done. He introduced six kinds of Lingcao and five kinds of insects to Lingzhu. He was afraid that Lingzhu could not remember more, and he only said the name of Lingcao and some simple habits, cosmetic tube packaging ,plastic packaging tube, then how to use these Lingcao, what elixirs can be used to refine, whether there are more habits, what is the use of those insects and so on, he had to let Lingzhu go back to see the secretary's back. Shen Hua stood up and looked at the sun, feeling that it was still early and there was still some time before noon, so he called up Luo Jiushao and Li Lan, who were almost as busy as the other side, and the four of them sat around. Shen Hua began to tell Lingzhu about the origin of Kunlun Sect. If you want to talk about the Kunlun Sect, you must first talk about a person who has a deep relationship with the Kunlun Sect, that is, the ancient great power and great immortal. Legend has it that this great Chinese immortal was gifted and intelligent, and practiced by leaps and bounds. When he was young, he loved to travel, so he was well-informed and had extraordinary experiences. He forged many magic weapons in his life. One of the most famous is the spirit root instrument, which was born, and since then the spirit root has been tested to be in the bag, and many earthly mortals have had the opportunity to step into the immortal gate. He also compiled a booklet of successful methods for what he had learned in his life, and what he had heard and seen was written as a treasure book for the world to read. It can be said that after the self-respect of Hua Xianjun, there is a real realm of cultivation. When he was not traveling, he lived in the Kunlun Mountains all the year round and practiced in seclusion. I just don't know that one day, the lower world is in trouble, the demon king is born, the demons are in chaos, and the world is in dire Straits. Because the demon king is strong, countless great powers have fallen under his sword. At that time, the world was really bleak, and even the annals of history had left a strong mark. "At that time, the immortal was in seclusion and did not know the world.". Human blood flow drift oars, evil things wreak havoc, invincible, all the way north, to the Kunlun Mountains, heavy Chinese immortal king wide sleeve green robe and down. Chonghua Xianjun held a magic sword and offered sacrifices to nine divine thunderbolts. He beat the demon king out of his wits and returned peace to the world. He was also given great merit by heaven. He crossed the Mahayana period in one step and flew directly into the upper world. "He was three hundred years old at that time.". When a monk enters the upper world, he has to go, and the rest of the magic decorations return to the human world. The divine sword held by Chonghua Xianjun fell back to the Kunlun Mountains, and his disciple Kongqi Taoist established a school with this sword as the center, and recruited a wide range of disciples. It took ten thousand years, and finally became the present Kunlun Sect. After Shen Hua finished speaking, Lingzhu tilted her head and asked, "Is that sword still in the Kunlun Sect?" Shen Hua smiled, "Yes, it's in your Elder Martial Brother Luo's hand." Lingzhu gave a "wow" with adoration on her face. Luo Jiushao is also quite proud. "Can I see the sword?" Asked Lingzhu. Luo Jiushao is somewhat reluctant, after all, it is his own life sword. Can see Shen painting also look over, but also nodded to him, then resigned to take out, but do not let Lingzhu touch. Li Lan also did not look carefully at such a sword, then also go up. The sword in front of us is not as bright as the ordinary sword, but black and heavy, as if all the light is absorbed, thick and restrained. With a gentle shake, you can hear bursts of dragon singing, heavy and powerful, worthy of the sword left over from ancient times,polyfoil tube, just looking at it raises a sense of respect. Shen Hua said, "It is said that the sword body is made of the dragon's horn at the bottom of the sea in the north. Therefore, it is brilliant and restrained. The sword body is flexible. King Kong is not bad. It can lead to thunder in the sky." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com