Reborn Eighty-Nine Sweet Honey - Crimson My Glory Year

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ReboReborn Eighty-Nine Sweet Honey - Crimson My Glory Yearrn Eighty-Nine Sweet Honey - Crimson My Glory Year

He decided to refuse to talk to her for a day. Lin Miao stared at the time, saw almost, then called the men to come in. As she walked out, she heard Zhao Hai's groan of pain. She turned her head and saw his face contorted to the point of ferocity. But when he found her looking over, he twisted it into normal. Lin Miao went out with a speechless face. When I got back to the front yard, I couldn't help laughing. Chapter 816 changes. Time passed unconsciously in the battle of wits and courage. Zhao Hai's body is also in constant recovery with the soaking soup and pouring medicine. Away from the pain, let Zhao Hai a little forget himself. As soon as he felt comfortable, it reminded him of his long-lost friends. One night, after chatting with them, he sneaked out while no one was looking. Lin Miao was still studying in the laboratory, and when he heard something outside, he came out to have a look. Seeing that everything was normal, he went back to continue the earlier experiment. Zhao Hai's condition has improved significantly. However, the relative resistance of insects to drugs is also increasing. In the past, only one or two ginseng tablets, plus two or three adjuvant drugs, could deceive it into falling asleep and make Zhao Hai wake up for a moment. But now,interactive kiosk price, she needs to use nearly five times the level of measurement, but also with nearly ten kinds of adjuvant drugs. Although his waking hours have increased, that is because his physique is also increasing. It's just that this is not worth mentioning for the drug resistance of the insect. Fortunately, Zhao Hai's constitution is really good, she can change the medicine, change the main medicine,temperature check kiosk, so perhaps it can stimulate the insect to hibernate. With this idea in mind, Lin and Miao are staying up late today. Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the gate, followed by a knock on the door that rang through the alley. Lin Miao took off his mask and came out to see the special assistant coming out in his clothes. She ran quickly to the door and asked who. In the backyard, the men rushed out, "Zhao Hai is gone." "Who?" Lin Miao was frightened. The special assistant just opened the door and saw a luxury car parked at the door. Several fashionably dressed young men stood in front of him. Let's see Zhao Hai off. Several people trembled and said this, as if they were looking back at something horrible. The special assistant looked over and saw Zhao Hai inside, who seemed to be crazy. My heart missed a beat. She immediately turned her head and saw the man running out like a cheetah. Seeing Zhao Hai, he left to pull the car door. As soon as he found that it was not open, he said angrily, "Why don't you open the door?" Several young people immediately ran to the car in front of them, and the owner of the car behind them sat in the car in front of them before opening the door lock of his car. When the man opened the door, facial recognization camera ,interactive whiteboard prices, Zhao Hai climbed out on his hands and feet and rushed at the man. The man dodged neatly and buckled him. Several other men rushed up and pressed him firmly to the ground. Confirming that others could not run away, several young people got out of the car with trepidation. Watching Zhao Hai being forcibly carried into the yard, several people looked at each other. There's no weird research going on here, is there? These people are typical of the second and third generations of officials, and their families are all officials in the court. I know more or less about Nie Lan's position there. But Nie Lan in the heart of the top status is very high, these cubs even if the heart muttered what, also dare not shout. As for whether you will tell your parents when you go back, that's a matter of opinion. In the small courtyard, it has become a pot of porridge because of Zhao Hai's sneaking. Lin Miao and Professor Qin Nie Lan gathered at the bedside. Several other people pressed Zhao Hai there abruptly. There was still a smell of alcohol in the air, and there was no need to check that he had gone to drink. Nie Lan said angrily, "Nonsense. If you don't take your body seriously, you might as well die directly, so as not to waste medicinal materials." The man smiled bitterly in his heart and had to persuade him. Lin Miao has rushed to the front to boil the hangover soup. No matter what else, Zhao Hai is sick now. It is estimated that the insect has also absorbed alcohol. Nine times out of ten, she guessed, there would be a lot of noise. Lin Miao's guess is right, Zhao Hai has been tossing and turning until the sky turns white before finally falling asleep. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they were sure that they were really asleep. Only this time the noise is extremely serious to Zhao Hai's body. At this point, three people can be diagnosed quietly. After the diagnosis, the expressions of the three people were very solemn. Seeing that the situation was not good, the man quickly called Zhao Lao. Knowing that his grandson had caused trouble, Zhao Lao knew that it was not good. He quickly put down the business he was talking about and hurried over. At this moment, three people are discussing how to get the information. Probably because of the disagreement, all three of them looked very serious. Seeing Zhao Lao, Nie Lan only nodded. His body must not be treated with strong drugs now. "It's better to recuperate slowly." "That's what I used to think," said Lin Miao, twisting his eyebrows. "But you can see it now. That's a troublemaker. "After all his fuss, the old medicine had no effect. I just changed the decoction for him, which was based on his body at that time." "But last night, when he was so noisy, I heard that he had taken something at random, so that the medicines he had taken had changed." "Bewitching insects are very clever, and the medicines they have taken before can no longer be used." "Even though there are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine and countless medicinal materials, there are only so many kinds for him." "Now I've tried more than half of it, and then step by step, I'm worried that no medicine will work in the end." The courtyard is extremely quiet. Lin Miao finished, and his expression was very ugly. Sorry, "Zhao Lao bowed deeply to the three men." I know you've tried your best, and if you can't, it's his life. Zhao Lao has not yet woken up from the joy of his grandson's imminent recovery,touch screen digital signage, and he has to accept the bad news. His eyes were red and he managed to hold back. He knew that the three men slept only four hours a day at most and sometimes stayed up all night. They worked so hard to save his unworthy grandson. They have done their best. He can't force it. Nie Lan's expression loosened slightly. She pulled old Zhao up and said, "All right, let's go back after seeing him." "We have no time to talk to you these two days." 。