He spoke for the dark night.

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He spokHe spoke for the dark night.He spoke for the dark night.He spoke for the dark night.e for the dark night.

This game is what CM is good at. He has a good eye for people, and his premonition is accurate. It is his daily routine to catch four wolves with his bare hands. So in the end, he became the target of the whole audience. A good man thinks he's lying, and a bad man wants to get rid of it. Anyway, he can't live for two nights. This strategy game of analyzing logic was abruptly played as a team game by a group of old Dota players. The charm of team games is that when everyone works together for the same thing, any boring little thing will become very enthusiastic. CM, who was left alone, claimed that the world had always been inexplicably hostile to genius and strongly recommended that the piper profession be added in the next round. He doesn't want to team up with anyone anymore. He just wants to fight alone and kill every scum in this room. Everyone laughed and laughed, without the tit-for-tat in the e-sports field in the past. Later, someone watched the bullet screen and asked the audience if Alipay,interactive whiteboard for schools, who had recently announced their relationship and was on the cusp of the storm, planned to accept TB's proposal. Zhen Cheng wondered, "When did you propose?" Those who loved to heckle at the scene were not calm and began to wink at the talk crazily. He laughed unhurriedly and asked her, "Who said no?" And then,digital touch screen board, I didn't say any more. Later, when she watched the game, she learned that at the end of the game, he threw away all his equipment, leaving only a golden ring of the soul. It was the equipment he had synthesized shortly after the start of the game, but it was worth hundreds of yuan, which was out of place with the other gods on his body. Until finally, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, he threw everything but the ring. The gentlemen in the audience insisted that it was a proposal, so that's it. The first heart, the final stay together. And just the right tacit understanding is that he has everything she wants here. In the e-sports field, he can fight a hundred for her and kill all sides. When he got off the line, he could wear thick cotton pajamas and slippers and run downstairs in the middle of the night to buy a cup of milk tea for her. And Illidan, the night warrior who had waited for thousands of years, finally took Tyrande's hand. A long time later, Zhen Cheng saw such a question on the Internet- "How to evaluate the Terrorblade?" Of Dota 2 professional players? " 1L: The operation can not be idle, love with the rhythm, a long gank heart carry. 2L: The first player to pick up the flag of V God in the domestic Daota circle. L: The way of playing is rare in the professional circle, and it is hard to imitate. Honey is confident. She likes to go shopping in the opposite wild area alone. Every time she meets five hundred people. The operation is elegant, and the speed of buying heritage is amazing. He often went out to buy milk tea for his girlfriend in the middle of the live broadcast. P.S. Doesn't he know he's got balls? Can APP order takeout? …… 100L: Suggestion and Next Door: How to Evaluate the Magina? "Of the Great God in the Cover Singing Circle Problem merging. End of this post. (End of full text) Postscript There is a small sea urchin in the sea. She has thorns all over her body. Everyone is afraid of her. One day, she heard that there was an animal called hedgehog on the land, which looked like her. She tried to swim ashore and became good friends with the hedgehog. When it's cold, hedgehogs give her hugs. In the sea, no one dares to embrace the small sea urchin, and everyone is afraid of being pricked by her thorns. When hugging the hedgehog, the little sea urchin felt no pain. She thought that when two people with the same thorns were together, they could be negative and positive. So she became more and more fond of hedgehogs and wanted to be with him forever. However, the fact is that the hedgehog has no thorns on his stomach, and while hugging her, he suffers the pain in silence. The little sea urchin who learned the truth was very sad and ran away secretly while the hedgehog was asleep. So after half a year, the little sea urchin drifted around and slowly learned to put away his thorns. When I plucked up my courage and went back to look for the hedgehog, I found that he was still waiting there foolishly,smart interactive whiteboard, waiting to embrace her thorns. She asked the hedgehog, "Why are you so stupid? Aren't you afraid of pain?"? "I'm afraid, but it hurts even more when you're gone." Said the hedgehog. hsdsmartboard.com