Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

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Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)

yuan Changtian was in high spirits: "Brother Lin, please speak." Lin Xun said, "Elder yuan, don't think about the position of the head of the yuan Qing Pavilion any more. It doesn't belong to you." With that, Lin Xun smiled, turned and walked into the cave, leaving yuan Changtian alone. He was silent for a moment, but there was no sign of anger. Instead, he folded his fists and handed his hand to Lin Xun's cave mansion, saying, "yuanmou understands what Brother Lin is thinking. Take your leave." Turn around and walk away. In the cave mansion, Tao Leng immediately asked, "What is yuan Changtian doing here?" Lin Xun casually said the conversation just now, Tao Leng could not help laughing angrily: "What did he take the position of the head of the yuan Qing Pavilion as?"? Goods that can be exchanged? "In my opinion," said Lin Xun casually, "with this man's disposition, on the surface it is to negotiate terms, but in fact it is nothing more than to test me through this matter." "A test?" "Yes, to test whether I am determined to win the position of the head of the yuan Qing Cabinet." Tao Leng was surprised and said, "So he regards you as the number one enemy." "Should I feel honored?" Lin joked. Tao Leng was delighted and said, "But you really can't be careless. The less arrogant and impetuous you are, the more difficult it is to deal with.". In order to support him to ascend to the position of the head of the yuan Qing cabinet, I'm afraid the big shots in the clan who hate you will not be indifferent in the next period of time. Lin Xun nodded. The two talked for a moment,faux ficus tree, and Tao Leng left in a hurry. Lin Xun began to meditate with great concentration. In the night. The cave world where the deputy cabinet master rune is located. Runwen, Qixiaoyun, Chiwen, Donghuangqing, Tangqiu and other great figures gathered together. Lin Xun this son has returned, according to our previous agreement, in any case, also must fully support the God son source long day ascension. Rune's voice opened indifferently, "This also means that in the next few years,faux grass wall, you can polish your eyes, be sure to suppress this son severely, if there is a chance to beat him down, you can't miss it." Everyone nodded their heads. It's just that if this son is devoted to hidden cultivation and ignores the world, we can't do anything about him. Tang Qiu, who was as thin as a firewood, frowned. If there is no chance, create opportunities. The rune said with an expressionless face, "As long as he wants to seek promotion, he must face all kinds of examinations, in which he can always find opportunities." After a pause, he said, "In addition, in another ten years, the'Immortal Way War 'initiated by the ancestral court of the sorcery religion will begin in the'Demon Domain of Ten Directions'. At that time, it may be an excellent time to beat this son down completely." Immortal Dao Zhan! The big shots at the scene were stunned at first, artificial grass panels ,silk olive tree, and immediately their eyes were bright. Every three thousand years, the ancestral court of sorcery will launch an "immortal Taoist battle", in which the four ancestral courts will each select five successors on the path of immortality to participate. The location of the Immortal Way Battle is located in the "Demon Domain of the Ten Directions". It is a strange and ominous place of great evil, buried with many incredible killings and robberies. That's a good idea. If Lin Xun's son suffers in the Demon Domain of the Ten Directions, he can't blame anyone. Qi Xiaoyun laughed. Chiwen also laughed: "The sorcery ancestral court regards Fangcun Mountain as an enemy, and hates Fangcun's descendants most. If Lin Xun's son participates in it, we don't need to make any more arrangements at all. I'm afraid the sorcery ancestral court won't miss the opportunity to attack this son." "It's too early to say that. After all, there are still ten years to go. During this period, you will have to take care of it." The rune said in a deep voice. Everyone readily agreed. "Has the young Lord seen that Lin Xun?" In the same dim light of night, in the cave house where yuan Changtian was, when he saw yuan Changtian returning, yuan Xiliu, who had been waiting there, stood up to greet him. yuan Xiliu is like an old man in his twilight years, with sparse beard and hair, muddy eyes, and wrinkles on his thin cheeks like ravines. But he is a veritable transcendent Dzogchen being! Moreover, he comes from the 9th Celestial Realm Protoss Genji, and his power is far beyond ordinary. However, such a great man, in the face of the source of long days, but appears to be very submissive, like a servant. Uncle Xiliu, I have said that in this yuan religion, don't treat me like in the clan. In the future, you can call me Changtian. The source is long and the temperature is high. "No, the young master is the ninth son of the patriarch. Since the old slave is arranged to stay with the young master, how can there be no rules?" yuan Xiliu shook his head. His surname is yuan, but he calls himself Lao Nu! yuan Changtian sighed lightly and said, "All right, it's up to you." yuan Xiliu smiled and asked yuan Changtian to take his seat. Then he said, "Young Lord, you haven't answered the old slave's question yet." "I've seen him before," said yuan Changtian. "He's peaceful on the outside, but he's actually very proud. He's very assertive in his heart. I'm afraid there's not much hope for him to give up his position as head of the yuan Qing Pavilion." When yuan Xiliu heard this, he showed a kind smile and said, "Young Lord, don't worry. I'm afraid this son won't live to see that time." yuan Changtian was stunned. He frowned and said, "Uncle Xiliu, this is yuan Jiao. You can't act foolishly." yuan Xiliu nodded with a smile and said, "The old slave won't do this unless it's necessary. Young Lord, don't worry. I've already told Rune and others. They've promised to assist Young Lord with all their strength in the next few years and seek the position of cabinet leader for Young Lord." yuan Changtian smiled disapprovingly and said, "These are not important. On the way to seek the position of the head of the cabinet, without this Lin Xun and some other old guys, I didn't pin all my hopes on others." In the end, in the depths of his calm eyes, there was a faint sense of arrogance. Chapter 2830 avoid fighting. The next morning. yuan Qing Pavilion. Will Deputy Deacon Lin be assessed for promotion to the position of deacon? When he learned the purpose of Lin Xun's visit, a disciple of yuanqing Pavilion who received Lin Xun was stunned. Exactly. You go and ask Fang Daoping, the deputy head of the cabinet, to come. Lin Xundao. Deputy Deacon Lin, wait a moment. The disciple of yuan Qingge left in a hurry. Before long, the figure of Fang Daoping appears,artificial banyan trees, look strange way: "You just came back yesterday, will have an examination today?" "Is there anything wrong, senior?" Asked Lin Xun with a smile. 。