The phoenix roars for nine days

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The phThe phoenix roars for nine daysThe phoenix roars for nine daysoenix roars for nine days

Lan Junrui pulled Feng Yanxi to the living room of the inner room and sat with him on the soft collapse in the hall. Feng Yanxi was stupefied at first, but then he got up, straightened his clothes, and sat down on the seat. When Lan Junrui saw him like this, he smiled and sighed with his lips and said, "Xi'er has grown up!"! Uncle Lan remembers that when you were a child, you liked to sit and chat with Uncle Lan. !” If in modern society, sitting on an equal footing with others is a kind of social etiquette, but now in ancient times, not to mention sitting on an equal footing with you or an emperor, although Lan Junrui's mouth is right, but the heart will not think so! For this point, how can Feng Yanxi's smooth temperament not know. He just showed a smile that made everything in the world pale and said, "Uncle Lan also mentioned the embarrassing things about Yan Xi in those years. Yan Xi has grown up now, and Yan Xi still knows the etiquette!"! Blue uncle just avoided the kneeling ceremony of Yan Xi, and allowed Yan Xi to call the emperor blue uncle, this is the greatest love! How can Yan Xi sit on an equal footing with Uncle Lan? "Ha ha ha, yes, Xi'er is really grown up and sensible!"! Yu Tian and Joan must be very happy! All right, let's not talk about this. This time the Royal Heaven let you come out, but is going to let you experience it outside? Lan Junrui burst out laughing,outdoor ficus tree, and then asked Feng Yanxi with relief. During the conversation, Gong E offered a good tribute tea. Feng Yanxi took a sip of tea and said, "My father asked Yan Xi to come out and experience something. First, let Yan Xi gradually understand Feng Jia's shipping. Second, my father also gave Yan Xi a task." "Oh?"? How to let you out of the valley and give you the task? Let's listen to Uncle Lan. Maybe Uncle Lan can help you! "I really need your help, Uncle Lan!"! My father gave Yan Xi a year to open the sea shipping from Dongling to Nanyue. Uncle Lan must also know that Dongling and Nanyue are separated by the Huahai Sea. If you go by land, the journey will be twice as slow as by sea. Not to mention the waste of manpower and material resources, it is not necessarily safe. And as for shipping,silk cherry blossom tree, that is, the sea pirates run amuck, is to let Yan Xi difficult place! The Feng family also lost a lot of good boats! And if the route between Dongling and Nanyue is opened, it will surely bring a lot of benefits to Dongling! Words hint to throw bait, although do not know whether Lan Junrui will help, but if he can help this favor, naturally the best, but if not, she is also sure to be able to take the pirates on the sea of China for their own use! It's just that it's a waste of time. Sometimes, if you want to get something done, using violence to solve the problem is the fastest way. Lan Junrui hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, Yutian's plan is good, but the pirates on the Hua Sea run amuck all the year round, and even South Vietnam has no way to deal with it!"! This is really difficult to do! "Uncle Lan's words are right, outdoor ficus tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, but imagine, if Huahai can be owned by Dongling, it will be very powerful to Dongling!" Is also a strong and powerful medicine, for Lan Junrui, the barrier between Dongling and Nanyue is not Huahai? If the pirates on the sea of China can be annihilated in one fell swoop, when the time comes, the long-trained sea division will be able to come in handy, so as to launch a war from the sea to South Vietnam, to achieve the goal of unifying Longzhou, there will be a lot of time left, but also can be unprepared! But Lan Junrui hesitated, although Feng Yutian is going to open the route of Dongling and Nanyue, but it is for the two sides of Baixin, for Feng Tiangu has always maintained a neutral attitude, Lan Junrui can not figure out the intention of Feng Yanxi at the moment! "Uncle Lan, if Huahai is recovered, why should we care about the trouble?"! Uncle Lan might as well consider it. ! Can you let Yan Xi visit the imperial garden first? Yan Xi has never visited the garden of the palace! Seemingly childish request, let Lan Junrui really can not see through this only fifteen years old, not yet the first teenager! "All right, I'll let Liu San take you everywhere!" "Liu San!" "The slave is here!" "Take Yan Xi's good nephew everywhere!" "The slave obeys the decree!" "Yan Xi will retire first!" With a smile on her face, Feng Yanxi turned around and accompanied Liu San out of the inner room. Lan Junrui looked at the place where the slender white figure disappeared for a long time, and it seemed that the rumors about the Feng family on the mainland of Longzhou were indeed true. It is indeed a descendant of Wushen Gate, and it really has the essential momentum of the emperor! But what's the use of momentum? Just a merchant, can not become a great cause! But why do you feel uneasy? Lan Junrui's eyes flashed with gloom. If you weren't Joan's child, I'm afraid you'd be dead in the palace by now! When Feng Yanxi outside the hall came out, he could strongly feel the strong and bloody killing intention of Lan Junrui, but unfortunately, he missed the opportunity! Feng Yan Xi brought up an evil smile and watched the light snow fall in the sky! The essence of a sovereign?! Feng Yan Xi chuckles, for this point oneself really originally exists! But in the current situation, this is enough, as long as people do not attack me, I will not attack! So what if the king comes to the world! I, Feng Yanxi, haven't taken the world seriously yet! Feng Yanxi thought so in her heart, but what was waiting for her was the life after the wheel of fate turned! # 32; This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy. Please do not reprint! Go to Taobao to buy underwear through Xiaoxiang Shopping Guide (), and read Xiaoxiang VIP novels with Xiaoxiang coins for free. [24] Chapter 16 adds insult to injury. It's not so much that Feng Yanxi wants to visit the imperial garden in the palace as that she wants to give Lan Junrui time to think about the bait she just threw out! The first step unconsciously walking at will, the palace is really different from the outside world, everywhere there are people coming and going, Liu San followed behind Feng Yan Xi, also silent, just follow Feng Yan Xi aimlessly in the palace around! Liu San followed Lan Junrui for so long, and naturally knew the meaning of Lan Junrui's words, and that generation of emperors could not escape a word of love after all, Liu San sighed in his heart, when he saw Feng Yan Xi, the memory of the past came like the tide, the child was somewhat similar to Miss Joan,decorative palm trees, no wonder the emperor would like it! "Mr. Feng, all the flowers in the imperial garden have withered this winter, but the plum blossoms in the plum garden are blooming now. Would you like to go there and have a look?" 。