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Lin Tian said lightly, "This is the paradise of death. If you come in, you will bear the consequences.". Three seconds! "Humph." The two strong men at the peak of the gods snorted coldly at the same time, and the liquid of the gods in their hands shot at Lin Tian at a high speed. Lin Tian collected the two drops of divine liquid into the world of Xiaoyao, and the boat of life soon approached. As soon as the boat of life approached, the god-level guys wanted to go up to the boat of life one by one, but the golden energy shield on the boat blocked them all. Break it for me! A guy at the peak of the God Emperor shouted angrily, and the long knife in his hand hit the defensive cover of the boat of life heavily. "Bang!" The long knife and the shield hit each other, and suddenly the sound of a stone and stone hit each other sounded, and the hands of the peak level guy of the God Emperor were tingling, but the shield did not move. Can withstand the attack of thousands of gods of the defensive shield, is not just a god-level guy can break. Get on board at once. Lin Tian said in a deep voice. The two gods were soon on board. Lin Tian was just about to leave when a man of the fifth rank said, "Wait a minute." In the hands of the guy of the fifth rank of the God Emperor, a drop of God Zun liquid also appeared unexpectedly. I want to get on the boat, too. The guy of the fifth rank of the God Emperor shot the God liquid in his hand at Lin Tian. As soon as the divine liquid shot out, he entered the shield in an instant. Seeing that your cultivation is relatively weak, I let you in. Lin Tian is light and authentic. In his heart, he also secretly praised the cleverness of the fifth rank of the God emperor. If he had shot the God liquid at him early, then he was afraid that before the boat of life sailed in, other people might have killed him because of jealousy. At this time,Faux cherry blossom tree, the two gods of the peak level of the guy, but is an instant shot at Lin Tian, the two of them, an idea of a time law of time pause effect on Lin Tian's body, and the other, is an instant a long golden knife toward Lin Tian cut over. Bring about one's own destruction! Lin Tian's voice rang, and although the time pause of the God's peak level guy played a role,large ficus tree, the time was extremely short. Lin Tian's understanding of the law of time is deep, plus he has several middle-level holy vessels for the law of time attack resistance is quite strong, that God peak level of the strong attack can achieve a little effect, is already good. And the golden knife attacked his God, his golden knife was instantly appeared in front of Lin Tian a layer of energy cover down, Lin Tian this captain, in this boat of life, naturally some special treatment! In this boat of life, other people's attacks want to hurt him, it is basically impossible, the defense in front of him, the overall defense strength of the boat of life is the same! "Get out of here." Lin Tian thought, the two gods of the peak level of the strong moment was Lin Tian moved out of the boat of life, they got outside, fake ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, immediately the terrible gravity on their bodies, in that terrible gravity, they suddenly fell into the magma lake. In the lake of magma, gravity was no longer so terrible, and they did not sink any more, but the terrible magma left them dead in just two seconds. This is what happens to unruly passengers, and you should take warning. I know that some of you also have some ideas, give me honest to dispel, otherwise my little boat of life, can not accommodate him. Do you understand? Lin Tian said in a deep voice. Understand Those people one by one are the way, before them, some of them really have ideas, Lin Tian to now, but received twelve drops of God liquid, so many God liquid, no idea is not normal, but saw the fate of the two God emperor peak level of the strong, they immediately one by one will be the heart of that idea to give up. These people on the ship, who are the highest in cultivation, also have the peak of the gods, but even the guy at the peak of the gods, he knows in his heart that the two gods who just boarded the ship are stronger than him. All right, let's go! Lin Tian said, and the boat of life sailed away again to another place. "Boss, come on, see if you can fix forty drops of God liquid!" Kill Shinto. Lin Tian smiled and said in his mind, "I hope it feels good to be a captain." The second chapter 673 is a difficult decision. Time passed slowly, the passengers on Lin Tian's boat increased one by one, and the divine liquid in his carefree world also increased drop by drop. Lin Tianshen's respect liquid increased, and the ideas of the passengers on the ship and many people outside the magma lake gradually grew up. The passengers on the boat are still on the boat of life and dare not say anything casually, but the gods outside the magma lake are already discussing with each other to take action when Lin Tian's boat of life comes out of the magma lake. As soon as he came out, he was cut off. There were more than thirty people on his boat, and there were more than thirty drops of divine liquid. As long as he was cut off, he would not dare not take out part of it. One of the deities said in a deep voice, and some of the deities beside him nodded slightly. Yes, how could he take advantage of such a huge benefit? "I'm afraid the rest of the people on the boat have ideas, too." …… (PS: Tell friends of the Star Ring that the wrong chapter is an anti-theft chapter. Please support the genuine website.) "Red Flame, who do you think is in the boat of life?" Outside the magma circle, a man in white chuckled. Next to him was a man dressed in flaming red. The boat of life is separated by breath, and what he uses must be a fake appearance, which can't be guessed. Said the man in red. This guy is also a tragedy, and the boat of life is used under such circumstances. But fortunately, there is a boat of life, otherwise,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, there is really no way to live in it. The man in white laughed and said, "It's a good thing he came up with such a trick. At least he can get a few drops of God's liquid. Otherwise, it would be a big loss." 。