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Stop the knife car, open the door, and see a white hair on the back of the sofa chair. "Granny!"

Liao Min blinked and asked as if he had just come to his senses: "What rumors?" "Everyone says you're gay with Ren Yingying." Zhao Yayin said it in a ground-breaking way. "Nonsense!" Liao Min blushed and snapped. When someone saw you eating with Ren Yingying, you fed her a mouthful and she fed you a mouthful. "I admit that she fed me, but it was because I was not in the mood and she couldn't eat, so she fed me," Liao recalled. At this point, she felt a warm current brushing her chest. What were you doing in the bathroom with her? Zhao Yayin questioned, she asked this entirely in order to clarify things, and then help Liao Min clarify, because she could not bear to see everyone pointing behind Liao Min. She had a disagreement with Zhu Meique and went to the toilet to cry. As her good friend, I have the obligation to comfort her. "You put down your work and run in like a fleet-footed man, which adds to the credibility of the rumor. I think you can't wash it even if you jump out of the Yellow River." "The mouth is on other people's faces, whatever they say." Liao Min raised his eyebrows disapprovingly. I said don't be angry, I also think you like Ren Yingying has gone beyond the boundaries of friends. In order to avoid Yingying being implicated, Liao Min now has to take Zhao Shibo out as a shield, "Ya Yin, I tell you frankly,wire mesh decking, I am now in contact with your brother Zhao Shibo." Zhao Yayin was startled. Impossible! He is obviously a homosexual who loves men. 。” "You are wrong, he is not, and I am not." Liao Min's righteous rebuttal. I still can't believe.. Zhao Yayin shook her head. He says you don't live together, so you have a misunderstanding about him. Liao Min is partial to Zhao Shibo. I hope I really misunderstood. "Yes, three weeks ago, I saw three men who looked like Ren Yingying near where you live. They were about the same height,shuttle rack system, except that Ren Yingying was wearing a skirt and he was wearing pants." "What day was it three weeks ago?" A strong curiosity forced Liao Min to ask. Zhao Yayin narrowed her eyes and recalled the situation that day: "On Friday night, I saw him come out from 7-11 o'clock with half a dozen Japanese beers in his hand." "Oh?" Hearing the Japanese beer, Liao Min suddenly felt impetuous and could not say why? "In my opinion, that man is Ren Yingying's disguise." Zhao Yayin boldly guessed. She was in Singapore at that time, and she made an international call to me from Singapore. "Boss!"! Could it be her long-lost twin brother? ?” Zhao Yayin exclaimed. It's possible. I'll ask her after the meeting. Zhao Yayin couldn't help asking, "I forgot to ask you, what does Ren Jing look like after removing her makeup?" "I don't know. She takes a shower after I fall asleep." Liao Min spread out his hands without knowing it. "She is really a mysterious woman!" Zhao Yayin whispered: "I have read her personal basic information, did not write parents, did not write brothers and sisters, as if she was like jumping out of a stone." "Are you interested in her because you pay so much attention to her?" Liao Min jokingly turned her into an army. Bah, Zhao Yayin said angrily, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, "I pay most attention to you. I always feel that she is intentionally close to you." "What do you mean?"? Pasta? Or spaghetti? Liao Min deliberately pretended to be crazy. Maybe she's gay! "Zhao Yayin glared at her angrily." Boring! I don't want to talk to you. 。” Liao Min did not want to talk much and almost escaped from the bathroom in a mess. Ren Jingyu was left to work overtime by Zhu Meique, and Liao Min went home alone. However, Ren Jingxuan specially sent Liao Min to the underground parking lot, asking her to close the doors and windows and pay attention to safety after returning home, and then watched her drive away, which was good for her colleagues coming home from work to see, and there would certainly be new rumors tomorrow! Liao Min is driving While worrying about whether to tell the rumors to Yingying? If Yingying knew, what kind of reaction would she have? In fact, her biggest worry was not that Yingying would alienate her because she believed that their friendship could stand the test, but that she was worried that Yingying would admit it. If Yingying really likes her, what should she do? Afraid she is sad, she does not refuse flatly, but can she accept homosexual sex? She thought she could not accept it, but when she thought of the happiness that Yingying had brought to her these days, how she hoped that Yingying would always be with her, until forever. Is this love? Is this called love? Jesus Christ! Who can tell her if this is true love? ? Could it be that she was so affected by the last incident that she rejected men and turned to accept women. The heart is very upset, turn on the air conditioning to the strongest, but still can not calm, Liao Min just want to hurry home to take a hot bath, one cold and one hot, it is best to let her have a serious illness, sick until she can not think. Stop the knife car, open the door, and see a white hair on the back of the sofa chair. "Granny!" Liao Min cried out in amazement, but his heart sank to the bottom of the valley. Min, where's your roommate? The old woman looked back. She's working overtime tonight. He took off his shoes and felt a chill all over his body. Just right. The old woman stood up, and her footsteps were so strong that it was hard to imagine that she was seventy-eight years old. Following the grandmother to the door of the guest room, Liao Min asked nervously, "What are you going to do, grandmother?" "Know what she is like!" The old woman opened the door with a hairpin. If you enter another person's room without permission, you will be considered a thief. Liao Min suddenly squeezed in and blocked her body in the doorway, knowing that doing so would offend her grandmother, but she was duty-bound to go back. We are thieves. The old woman said without changing color, "Besides, I bought this house. I can go to any room I like." "But." Liao Min was so anxious that his tongue was tied. Get out of the way! The old woman turned on the light switch, looked sharply around the room, then went to the table,warehouse storage racks, picked up the inconspicuous towel on the table, but when she spread it out, there was a comb inlaid with jade.