Prehistoric Elder Martial Brother

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At this time, the East Emperor Taiyi's injury, which had just been a little stable, was made more serious by Houtu.

At this time, the East Emperor Taiyi's injury, which had just been a little stable, was made more serious by Houtu. Looking at the tragic appearance of the East Emperor Taiyi, the great magical powers around him were suddenly stunned. They did not expect that Houtu, who had always appeared in a kind and gentle image in the flood and famine, would also have such a furious side. They all sympathized with the East Emperor Taiyi in their hearts: "Didn't you see that he was so angry? You still went to add fuel to the fire. Isn't this purely looking for abuse?"? The angry fairy can't afford to be hurt! This kid was born to be an idiot! "Cough!" Seeing the tragic appearance of the East Emperor Taiyi, the Zhunti Taoist, who had always boasted of being'invincible ', could not help but shiver at this time. He swallowed the foam slightly and made up his mind that even if he angered Zhang Han in the future, he would not want to meet the furious Houtu and other female immortals. He really couldn't afford to be hurt! "Big brother, I didn't expect sister-in-law to be so fierce!" Looking at Houtu's powerful East Emperor Tai's vomiting of blood, even Sanqing, who had been hiding in the void with Zhang Han, was a little frightened. Zhang Han listened to the words of Sanqing, after looking at the earth Qiao face hanging on a face of evil spirit, the corners of the mouth can not help but slightly twitch, he did not expect after the earth was so irritable, it is simply a lion roaring in the east of the river ah!!! Ignoring the injured East Emperor Taiyi, Houtu did not stay and went straight to Kunpeng. Seeing that East Emperor Taiyi didn't even catch Houtu's move, Kunpeng Taoist immediately knew the danger. As the East Emperor of the Demon Clan, East Emperor Taiyi was much stronger than Kunpeng,drum spill containment, the demon master of the Demon Clan. He couldn't even stop others. Can he do it himself? Suddenly, Kunpeng's eagle eyes flashed a trace of numbness. Not good At this time, after seeing the earth straight to him, how dare the Taoist Kunpeng rush to the ancestral witchcraft temple! Hurriedly displays own talent magical power, that Pengcheng ninety thousand miles of speed immediately uses, directly a dodge body withdrew from the ancestral sorcerer holy land, evaded the attack of the back earth. Although the ancestral sorcery temple is guarded by array, which can block the entry of Kunpeng Taoist, but the sorcery clan holy land let a demon clan touch in,wholesale plastic pallet, this is the desecration of the holy land, this is the shame of all sorceries, how not to let Houtu rage. Looking at the Kunpeng Taoist who retreated to Emperor Jun's side, Houtu did not intend to let him go. The determination to slay Kunpeng Taoist at this moment was even deeper than that of Emperor Jun and East Emperor Taiyi. Whew! Just as Houtu was chasing Kunpeng, a figure flew out of Houtu's body with a whoosh, and then flew towards Kunpeng Taoist, who had just been taken into the space Lingbao by Houtu, because Houtu did not restrict Zhurong. So, even if ravaged by is in the space LingBao inside the healing time, also can see what happened outside, the sorcery clan has a special feeling to the ancestral sorcery hall, in the see Kun Peng to break into the ancestral sorcery hall, even if the injury is not fully recovered, he is not willing to heal, do not slay Kun Peng, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, he is really difficult to eliminate the hatred of the heart, suddenly, mixed with great anger, The moment Ravaged came out of Houtu's space Lingbao, he went to kill Kunpeng. Ah, Yaya! Kun Peng, shameless man, come to die! Of course, to kill the ROC at the same time, ravaged also idle every day, wow, raised his fists, flew to the top of the ROC, a surge of magic in the body, swing his fists, to the bottom of the ROC. Suddenly, two fists burst out, landslides, countless chaotic stones flying, under this strong pressure, the surrounding air condensed into a solid, the space was violently distorted, then, the whole sky began to shake violently, space seemed to collapse at any time, a crack covered the world. Kun Peng devours!!! In the face of Ravaged by this Taishan-like punch, Kunpeng is also a dignified face, dare not have the slightest neglect, decisive use of his most powerful talent. Suddenly, I saw Kunpeng Taoist's heart, a black whirlpool appeared in an instant, gradually forming a huge black hole, and rapidly expanding, instantly blocking the whole body of Kunpeng, but also resisting the ferocious punch of Ravaged. "Boom!" 'Kun Peng devour 'is the unique skill of Kun Peng, the power of nature is very powerful, in addition to the strength of Kun Peng and Ravaged are not much, usually, this may be a long match that can not be won or lost in a short time, but at this time, Ravaged has just been injured when he fought with the East Emperor. Ravaged by how can resist the same level with him but intact kunpeng? Suddenly, accompanied by a huge suction to the moment, ravaged by the power of his fists, were swallowed up by the huge black hole, this time a short battle, but ravaged by the defeat. See a move failure, ravaged again, kunpeng voice suddenly from the dark black hole, "hum!"! Ravaged, you still dare to fight with this demon master,mobile garbage bin, you look at your brothers in the distance, ha ha! This time, my demon clan must destroy your witch clan! Ha-ha 。