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And now you are sitting in the middle, arrogant that I want to dominate the world, that is not a death wish? Although there is no change in the three families now, it is not that these people are afraid of you, but that the situation is not clear now, and no one wants to suffer losses, so they do not move. But I don't think it will be long before someone comes forward to convene a tripartite meeting. At that time, as long as an agreement is reached, our affairs will be put aside for the time being, and we will work together to attack the middle to dominate the world, and whoever wins down the territory will belong to him. When the buffer zone in the middle is eliminated, the three of us will open our arms and fight to see who is the hero. At that time, you will cry when you dominate the world. I said lightly: "According to the convention should be so, but now most of the war is some suppression, to some small guilds, the real guild hegemony has not yet started, so I am not interested in participating in the time being,Adhesive fish ruler, let those soldiers in Longwei City do it, it is also an actual combat training for them, otherwise I will do it directly, it will not cost this thing." Directly with the Dragon Knight Brigade, I think it is not very difficult to sweep the "peerless", but I can not stay in the game for a lifetime, ah,Walking measuring wheel, those people in Longwei City must improve their actual combat experience as soon as possible. "That's true, but I've always found it strange." The iron hand did not go on, but looked at me as if asking for advice. I laughed and said, "What do you think is strange? Just say it. We two still need to hide it." Who the hell are you? Why is there such a great strength? Unexpectedly can let those soldiers of Longwei City listen to you, that is the strength of a military region, ah, the person in charge of the lowest position should also be an army commander, then you are. The Iron Hand said doubtfully. I had expected that he would ask, but I didn't intend to tell him that the less people knew about my identity, the better. "Iron hand, we are friends, this should not hide from you, Walking tape measure ,Fiberglass tape measure, but my identity is really too sensitive, if you know, then you must die, even if I don't want to kill you, there will be others to kill you, remember, what I said is not in the game." But physically, let you disappear in this world forever, you'd better not know. Friends, I have few friends, I do not want to lose the iron hand this good friend. Iron hand is not a fool, of course he can hear the meaning of my words, so he did not ask again, but nodded with a heavy face. Iron hand, I think you will understand in the future, will also know my identity, now you do not have to ask, as soon as possible to end the matter here, go out with me to fight the world, ice and snow city is not suitable for you, here is a place for retirement, in a few decades, you are not too late to come here again. I said lightly. The iron hand smiled and gave me a push. "*** you. Even in a few decades, I don't need to come here to retire. I'll give it to you. I don't need it. Ha ha." Yiyi and I laughed at the same time, which finally diluted the dull atmosphere. Turning a few streets, the guild residence of the Iron Hand was already in sight. Suddenly, a man turned out from the side and waved to me. When I saw him, he quickly turned around and turned into an alley. Ruthless boss, how could it be him? The Iron Hand also saw it, Qidao. It was none other than those who helped me and put me in pursuit of my life. This guy is also very likely to be cold-blooded, but I do not know what his relationship with Tang Yue is. I frowned slightly, snorted coldly, and said with a slightly angry look, "I want to see what this guy wants to do. Iron hand, you go back first, and I'll go and see." "Be more careful." The Iron Hand knew that no one could change what I had decided, so he had to tell him to turn back to the station on his own. With a wink, the two of us hurried forward, turned into the alley and saw that the chase was not far ahead. This guy saw us, too,Pi tape measure, and waved to us again. Yiyi and I snorted coldly at the same time and shook ourselves forward. Chasing life also did not delay, turned forward, straight to the outside of the city.