Devil's law -As a result

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The city of Guilliard was the most heavily populated because of the preferential conditions announced by Dewey, who was exempted from all taxes for one year.

As a result, Du Wei estimates that in the next year, grain prices in the two northwestern provinces will be greatly reduced! Then, in the town, a grand and unprecedented celebration was held. Everyone went crazy, drinking and dancing, cheering for the harvest created by the gods. The celebration lasted a day and a night, and everyone was drunk and drank all the wine they could find, but no one would feel bad. Because next, they are not short of food to make wine! After the revelry and a day's rest, Du Wei announced: "Start building the city!" For more than a month, Philip tried his best to recruit thousands of laborers from all over the province of Desa and collect all the craftsmen he could find. Finally, the Duke announced the construction of the city, but there was only half of the three months he said. Having witnessed the super harvest created by the Duke's magic, Philip's original doubts have been shaken! To create such a miracle, perhaps a month to build a new city, it is not necessarily crazy! "All you need is to work at night." Du Wei gave a simple order to the thousands of craftsmen recruited by Philip: "You don't need to do too much heavy physical work. In fact, I just need you to do some tinkering work." Later, Du Wei once again showed his miracle! As well as creating a bumper harvest, Du Wei sent someone to plant a sapling outside the chosen new town address, and then he used the "time pass" spring to make another artificial rainfall. Then nearly a thousand saplings,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, most of them grew into towering trees in one day! After sounding the clarion call of life, a thousand giant Ents were awakened, waiting for a mountain of material. There is no doubt that the most primitive companions of the tree people, without much self-consciousness, are the best laborers, they are powerful, tireless, and very obedient! Those huge stones that require dozens of people to move can be easily lifted and placed in the right place by a tree man. At first, the craftsmen were frightened by these huge things. They ran around like crazy, thinking they saw monsters. Under the suppression of Du Wei's army, they let these guys quiet down. Soon, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, after confirming that the giants were not dangerous, thousands of craftsmen began to work hard! As Du Wei said, most of the heavy physical work has been undertaken by these giants, and the craftsmen only need to repair and knock. For example, when building the city wall, the tree people easily laid a layer of stones, and the craftsmen immediately rushed up and began to fill the sand and other things. In less than ten days, the northern wall had begun to take shape! This speed is so fast that people are frightened! Philip took a group of Mr. Blue Sea's disciples to act as supervisors, and each of them assigned tasks. He was busy directing around with architectural drawings in his hands. Facts have proved that Du Wei did not talk big. With these powerful giants as laborers, the main walls of the new city had been completed with five days left in the third month of Du Wei's promise. All the walls are designed as diamond-shaped undulating corners, and the walls are up to 15 meters high, which is the standard of a first-class city in the Empire. Such a diamond-shaped wall will be extremely strong! Under the protection of a wall twenty miles long, it will be Du Wei's new capital in the northwest! Loulan City! Privately, however, everyone gave the city a new name: City of Miracles! Of course, now this "city of miracles" is just an empty shell, except for the main wall of the periphery. The city is still blank. Du Wei has designed several roads running through the north, south, east and west, and the pavement has been paved. But it was empty all around. The only building in the city is a castle. This will be Du Wei's future government house. The general framework of the new capital city has been built in March, and the rest is the buildings in the city. Then there is the headache of immigration and relocation. These things can't be done in a short time. According to Philip's calculation, it will take about a year for the new capital to become a real city. Before that, Du Wei had to stay in the old capital of Guilliard. The inhabitants of the small town on the banks of Loulan Lake became the first settlers of the new capital, after receiving a series of assurances. They gave up their home: "That little town.". All became residents of the new capital. After having no worries about food, he began to build his new home. After a busy few months, the number of people who are definitely willing to move has reached 30,000. The urban outback northwest of the new capital already has a certain appearance. Citizens who move to the new city will be promised a one-year exemption from all taxes by Du Wei. The construction of new cities also provides a lot of employment opportunities, and those farmers do not have to worry about losing their source of livelihood when they come to the city-not to mention, Du Wei may keep their original land. The city of Guilliard was the most heavily populated because of the preferential conditions announced by Dewey, who was exempted from all taxes for one year. It was also announced that the city of Guilliard would no longer be a city in the province of Desa. And there are no plans to station any troops here. Without the protection of the city wall-if that tattered wall is a "wall" now. Without the protection of the army, it would become a favorite haunt of horse thieves and bandits. In this way, citizens without a sense of security have to choose to move. A migration of 80,000 people. It can't be done overnight. However, there is no need for Du Wei to worry about these problems. Philip took the disciples of the Blue Sea as the first administrative officials of his governor's office, responsible for all immigration and relocation issues. And Knight Robert is responsible for carrying the army deterrent,mirror stainless steel sheet, in case something happens in the meantime, please. Where's Dewey? Once again, he entered the governor's palace in the city of Guilliard and began his mysterious research life.