Physiognomist [rebirth]

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Don't come over! Takaichi Uchida, half mad, turned to run away and rushed in at a random door.

"Sir Ishikawa, it seems that Tomoko has been refined into a great thing. He cut off Tomoko's lower body, burned it into ashes and sent it to me, saying that these are what he can't use and gave them to me." "At first, I was very afraid. After all, I hurt Tomoko. I was always afraid of Tomoko. I held Tomoko's urn in my arms and prayed every day, hoping to get Tomoko's forgiveness. After all, although she died, it was a blessing in disguise that she was in the hands of His Excellency Ishikawa. This is a dream that many women who admire His Excellency Ishikawa can't realize." Gradually, I found that Tomoko's ashes were really different. Your Excellency Ishikawa sent me the ashes. I'm afraid it has a profound meaning. Then I'll just.. Takaichi Uchida hesitated and finally said it all because of his fear of Yunjing and Morpheus's means: "I gradually found that there seemed to be no resentment in the ashes, so I tried to add some of Tomoko's ashes when making a pottery." Unexpectedly, that pottery is really extraordinary, it even has a part of Tomoko's consciousness! "Tomoko took care of me for decades and was killed by me. I felt deeply guilty about her. After several experiments, I confirmed the use of the ashes, so I didn't waste them any more." Because Tomoko's ashes are only half of her body, I thought, give her another half of her body, since she can express herself, I will shape her upper body. The most valuable treasure in my hand is the ghost mirror given to me by His Excellency Ishikawa. Tomoko is a woman and must love beauty. This ghost mirror is a gift for her to regain her life. In Japan, there is a kind of female ghost very similar to Tomoko today, named Qingnvfang, so I use this name to call her,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, which represents my highest respect for Tomoko.. The Cloudscape looked at the gate. Unexpectedly, the relief outside the door was made of Tomoko's ashes?! No wonder the mirror was ordinary, but the whole room was ghostly. It turned out that from the entrance, there was the ashes of a woman who had died with resentment, which overwhelmed the whole house. This is the instruction of Lord Ishikawa. I do it according to his request. I also want to absorb more energy and make Tomoko stronger. I hope that one day, she can regain all her sanity. When the time comes, I will kneel down in front of her and tell her my confession. I hope she can hear me say sorry to her. Over the years, I often wake up from nightmares, wishing that the cycle of time, let me rush back now, kill the original impulse of me, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Oxide price, save the life of Tomoko.. Yunjing once again rudely interrupted the tearful Uchida Ryuichi: "Uchida-san, you may be too nervous to notice that your words have been inconsistent." Takaichi Uchida raised his head, with snot and tears on his face, and looked blankly at Yunjing. Yunjing was too lazy to explain more to him. If he is truly repentant, he will never use Ghost Mirror and Tomoko as tools for his murder for money. Not to mention just walking all the way from the street, when Uchida Takaichi attacked the evil ghost, the expression on his face was indescribably carefree. Now that all the questions can be asked, the matter is over. Takaichi Uchida caught the cold look in Yunjing's eyes. He gasped and begged Yunjing and Morpheus, "I've realized my mistake. Now I'm so old and I don't have a few years to live. Please let me go and give me another chance.." "Yingzhu.." Yingzhu is still studying in China. He is like my own grandson. If I am gone, how sad Yingzhu will be. How can he live? Please. "Don't worry, Ishikawa Yingzhu has contacted us, and I believe he can live well without you." Cloud View Road. What Takaichi Uchida was stunned and just realized that the abolition of Ishikawa Yingsuke might be related to the two people in front of him, but what happened in the next moment did not allow him to think about Ishikawa Yingsuke any more. The door automatically opened inward, and the relief on the door, under the control of the cloud's spiritual power, peeled off directly from the door and flew into the room. Takaichi Uchida stared at the relief woman and saw her suspended in the middle of the living room. The body made of stone carvings changed at a speed visible to the naked eye. The lines became softer and softer, and the skin became more and more elastic. Finally, she changed from an ordinary stone carving to a living woman! A woman with only the upper part of her body. Tomoko's face once again appeared in front of Uchida's eyes. Unlike the Promethean manipulated by Ishikawa many years ago, who was bleeding from seven holes and stiff into a puppet, there was no blood on her face, her whole body was clean, and she looked flawless except for losing her position below the waist. She even gave a gentle smile to Takaichi Uchida, an expression that Takaichi Uchida had seen for more than thirty years, and now when he saw him again, he was so frightened that he couldn't even say a word. Ryuichi. Tomoko spoke with a smile. Don't come over.. Don't come over! Takaichi Uchida, half mad, turned to run away and rushed in at a random door. When the door closed, Takaichi Uchida looked up and found himself hiding in the bathroom. The warm orange light from the ceiling, the warm yellow floor, the white, square bathtub, everything looks so harmonious, and has nothing to do with all the gloom and horror. Takaichi Uchida saw that Tomoko in the living room did not come in again, bathed in the warm yellow bathroom light, and slowly slid down to the ground, calming his heartbeat that almost jumped out of his throat. He did not notice that a face gradually emerged from the bathroom mirror, protruding bit by bit,Magnesium Oxide price, like a person breaking through the horizontal plane, and the next moment it would separate the water and come to Uchida's side. The clock unconsciously turned to four o'clock. Shana's house was very bright. The window faced the east. The sun rose and broke through the darkness. At that moment, there was light shining through the window lattice.