Wild pigeons -Mr. Jiu, you are from Gucheng.

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As long as she is here, is there no unsolved case in the world? Shiyin said quietly after a while, "Mr. Jiu, you are from Gucheng."

Halfway through, Lin Lu sent a record of Luo Guo's criminal record. Three years ago, Luo Guo went whoring. Prostitutes were arrested In the list of detainees who were arrested together, Lin Lu circled one of the names, Bo Wanjin. The little girl has a very good memory, because this surname is slightly special, and ten tones also have an impression. On the day they went to Zhou Wei's dormitory to search, they talked with a small professor at Xizhao Branch School. The old teacher, who is over fifty years old, is called Bai Wanjin. The investigation result of Lin Lu shows, this whore. Prostitute Bai Wanjin It is clearly this teacher Bai. Lin Lu reported on the phone: "Captain, I checked the records of Bo Wanjin. He frequently entered and left the country all the year round. He probably has business in M country.". According to the last exit record, Mr. Bai should not have been in Xizhao at that time, but he was clearly in normal attendance, ah, but also spoke to us! Interestingly, I found out that Bo Wanjin had a twin brother named Bo Wanyuan,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, who was burned to death in a fire 25 years ago. Team Yun told Shiyin last night that the domestic identity of his target had always been a mystery. He checked and checked, and found that they were all the identities of other people, and suspected that they were all stolen. The cloud team was probably fooled by his unpredictable way of changing the sky and the sun. Could Bo Wanjin have something to do with his target? A brother who was burned to death happened to be Zhou Wei's colleague, which is worth considering. Shiyin avoided Li Feng and immediately contacted the sea of clouds through Jiang Yan. The meaning of the cloud team is very open: "For the safety of the big festival, you take Li Feng to go together.". By the way, ease the relationship with him. "Why should I ease up with him?" Asked Shiyin. The sea of clouds is teaching over there: "Turn an enemy into a friend. Didn't you say you didn't have enough hands?"? Since he suspects Meng Dong, you just tell him that there is a rift between us,dap diammonium phosphate, and you move on. In fact, it's not that Li Feng doesn't like you. He just doesn't like me. As long as you live better than me, he is absolutely on your side, do you believe it? You must be sick. How is that possible? "You don't understand Li Feng," said the sea of clouds with a low smile. "He's rough on the surface, but he's a lover in his bones." "No, why can't Li Feng see you?"? Is he interested in you? Love and kill each other, ah, I'm thinking about the role of you two. "Don't be so rotten. Meng Dong is here." “…… Still there? "I especially love to chat with my brother.". I went back to get the piano. I just got here. Ten sound does not believe: "You blow." The sea of clouds called Meng Dong, but it was really him. He answered coldly and continued to tune the strings. He's still on speakerphone! Ten tones really had the heart to kill the sea of clouds. You'd better talk less and sleep more, or you'll die early! The sea of clouds said at the other end, "Well, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Oxide powder, Li Feng's uncle is the principal of Xizhao Branch School. If you let him go together, a lot of things will be done quietly.". Go ahead Bai teacher's arrest really did not mobilize, only through Li Feng's uncle made a phone call, they quietly off the net. As soon as the little old man saw this posture, his legs were weak. He cried and said, "I told him to stop earlier. I told him to stop earlier." It's a long story. Teacher Bai's arrest led to an arson case that took place in Gucheng Hospital 25 years ago. His brother, Bo Wanyuan, was studying at Gucheng Medical College 25 years ago. Bai Wanyuan did not die in the fire, but narrowly escaped death and changed his appearance. My brother went crazy and said he wanted the other side to pay at all costs. I told him it would be empty, but he just didn't listen, didn't listen.. What Bo Wanjin means is that his brother was brought into the drug cartel by his companion and began to participate in trade activities in order to become more successful so that the arsonist could pay the price. Miao Hui seemed to be listening to a book from heaven: "What kind of person is this arsonist? I can't call the police directly. I've been in a circle for 25 years. I've been a drug dealer myself, but it hasn't been done yet.". Isn't that stupid? Bai Wanjin trembled: "It is said that the other side is a big drug Lord in the ancient city, and his arm can't twist his thigh..." As for Bo Wanjin himself, he simply denied that he had never been involved in drug manufacturing and trafficking. Including Mr. Zhou Wei, he was directly contacted by his brother, and he never participated in it. Bai Wanjin's suspicion can continue to investigate, and now the focus stays on that, who is the companion who led Bai Wanyuan into the industry? Ten tones can not say, but she is looking forward to, will pull out the shooter who wounded the sea of clouds? The ancient city is in the west of Nanzhao, and Shiyin decided to take advantage of the lack of desk work in the New Year to drive all the way. She asked for instructions from Director Wei and got the approval. It's just that the dinner between the two teams that promised Li Feng will be postponed. Li Feng thought that Shiyin was not in a good mood recently because of her emotional problems with the sea of clouds, so she could understand whatever she did: "You pay attention to safety, and I will try my best to arrest Bai Wanyuan here." Meng Dong was still a little unhappy on the phone: "I don't understand.". The case of 25 years ago has a lot to do with the current case. As long as she is here, is there no unsolved case in the world? Shiyin said quietly after a while, "Mr. Jiu, you are from Gucheng." "I'm coming." No, no, you prepare for the concert. I'll explore the way first and try to return in three days. Meng Dong stopped talking with a "hum" and hung up the phone. Shiyin thought he was angry, but he quickly took a video and sent it. It's a video of him playing the violin. I don't know who is looking for to take a close-up of his fingers. Each finger is close-up in detail, white, slender, with clear joints, playing, kneading, sliding and jumping. They are so smart that they seem to have their own lives. Devil "Just know and come back soon." Sure enough, he wasn't angry. He was just being mean. As a result, the investigation of Shiyin and Miaohui in the ancient city still took five days. On the return trip, Miao Hui was driving. As soon as Shiyin woke up, he called Jiangyan to inform him: "Yunqi's room is finally rented out. The tenant checks in at night and is ready to pick him up!" "Talk to yourself!" Ten tones annoyed,Magnesium Sulphate producer, "I told you not to rent, not to rent!"! I'm going to take Yunqi back to live. "The conscience of heaven and earth is rented out by the sea of clouds themselves." Jiang Yan said, "it has been rented out and can't be changed." "The sea of clouds knows a lot of people." Ten tones are faintly worried. stargrace-magnesite.com