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The other two girls did not come. Besides, there is a Thai, a Vietnamese and a Zimbabwean.

Niels said, "I don't know yet. I'll go back and look at my schedule." "I don't have to travel. I have no money." He laughed and said, "I'm not interested in traveling in winter.". But maybe we can go to a dog show. Hearing what he said, her interest was immediately raised and she asked, "What dog show?" There is a pet show in Dortmund on December 28th. My mother's dog is competing that day and may need my help. "You mean your Akita?" "Yes.". This is a European tour, once every two years, and the winner of each breed will be selected and awarded, so this exhibition is very important for people who want to breed dogs. Are you interested in going to see it together? Gu Ya also raises a dog, very interested in small animals originally, listen to him to say so, busy nod, "have have." Seeing this, he laughed. "Then I'll go back and arrange the itinerary, and then I'll tell you the details.". Ok, now let's get down to business and study together first. Published exclusively by Jin | Jiang on April 25 Learning is a very boring thing. I didn't sleep well at night and was woken up by my father early in the morning, so Gu Ya yawned frequently. Seeing that she was tired, Nils thoughtfully put down his book and suggested, "Why don't we take a break?". I just went outside to make a phone call. That's a good offer. She waved her hand and asked him to help himself. She thought he would come back soon, but he was gone forever, and she went out for a walk without seeing him. Did you make a phone call to the horizon? All his things are here. He won't leave without saying goodbye. He will definitely come back, so he can only wait. Can not wait for him, Gu Ya rubbed his dry eyes, simply lying on the table to rest. In the library, the heating was on, and the golden sunshine shone on her face, which made her warm. The little sparrows outside formed a group to sing and chirp, which was very lively. I wanted to close my eyes and rest, but when I closed my eyes, I fell asleep. I slept so deeply that I didn't even notice when there was an extra person on the opposite side. Nils went out, and when he came back, he saw her sleeping on her books. Thick eyebrows,industrial racking systems, white skin, red lips.. Under the sun, her sleeping face is very attractive. As soon as his heart moved, he reached out and touched her face. The delicate and greasy touch on her skin was, without exaggeration, like silk, different from that of European women. If Gu Ya was awake and heard him say that, she would throw her hair proudly and say, that's inevitable, and I don't think about it. Since I was eighteen years old, I have spent money on skin care products, and cans of Shiseido went down. Is it a white flower! Without waking her, Nils gently picked up the chair and put it beside her, then sat down, his eyes still lingering on her face. When the sun hit her face, she adjusted her posture, pallet rack shelving ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and a clump of hair slipped down from her ear, covering most of her face. He hesitated for a moment, but finally reached out and lifted the hair from her face. With this movement, she suddenly woke up with a start, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a pair of bright green eyes of Nils, like a ghost fire, flashing before her eyes. Gu Ya was startled, moved her head back, pulled away from each other, and shouted in her mouth. "What are you doing?" Nils sat back calmly and said, "You're drooling. Wipe it for you." Ah Hearing what he said, she was startled and quickly reached out to wipe the corners of her mouth. It was dry and there was no saliva. Niels is turning over a book, listening to her say so, the service road, "has been dried by the heater." What? Gu Ya has not had time to speak, and listen to him there, "and, just now you snored, the administrator came to ask you to keep your voice down, did you not sleep well yesterday?" Ouch, snoring and drooling! My image of a lady. It's all over. Gu Ya blushed out of shape, picked up the book to cover his face and looked around, with a little complaint tunnel, "Why didn't you wake me up in time?"! It's so humiliating. "I just want to see how long you can sleep without waking you up and whether you can sleep until the sun goes down." Shit, what's all this. The two men laughed for a while, and Nils asked, "Did you use the antivirus software I gave you last time?" She nodded. "Yes.". So the computer came back to life. Thank you "You're welcome." I just want to ask you, what kind of software is this? Why can't you buy it outside? My friend also wants to install it. "Well, you can't buy it." "Why?" "Because this is the program written by the scientific researchers in our army." Awesome! Gu Ya always felt that his work was fantastic, and after thinking about it, she couldn't help asking, "You said your job was hacker and anti-hacker?" "Yes." "Then can you help me hack into the immigration system and give me a long-term residence certificate valid for ten years?" “……” Now it's Nils' turn to be speechless. After the weekend, the language course of Humboldt School of Economics began. Only seven people came to the class. Gu Ya was four Chinese students. The other two girls did not come. Besides, there is a Thai, a Vietnamese and a Zimbabwean. The professor is specially invited from the Department of Germanic Literature of Heidelberg University. He is highly respected and has rich teaching experience. Although only half a day of classes, but a week down, Gu Ya still feel that benefit a lot. It may be that Gu Ya's language environment is better, and most of the people around her are Germans, so she speaks more fluently. In addition, she also works very hard, reading classics, and asking directly if she doesn't understand. Teachers all like diligent children, so that the professor will naturally be more impressed with her, and sometimes they will chat a few words after class. Every time the other partners saw her, they would tease her a few words, "Gu Ya, you let the professor give you a back door, free entrance." Gu Ya knew that they had no malice, so she laughed and did not care. On this day of school, before entering the classroom,shuttle rack system, I met a strange face in the corridor. There are only a few Chinese people here, and apart from Tengzhou, they can hardly see each other. He's never seen this before. Is it a new student? Gu Ya was a little curious and couldn't help looking back.