Please tell them I am as pure as the heart of ice in a jade pot.

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In any case, if there is an accident, he is to blame, not to mention Mo Yan's trouble, he has no complaints.

Mo Yan naturally thought of it and was looking at him with a smile. The breeze is bright and the moon is bright, and the water is gurgling. The black arrow was on the shoulder, hanging in danger for a moment. But he led her to recite the words: "Read to go, thousands of miles of misty waves, the dusk is heavy and the sky is wide.." Remembering the situation of that day, still in front of him, Zhanzhao felt a surge of warmth in his heart and couldn't help smiling at Mo Yan. Seeing his smile, Mo Yan put his arms around him and said with a smile, "Elder brother, you look like you can't cheat people, but you're really good at cheating people." Zhanzhao gently stroked her hair, smiled, and quietly did not speak. So don't lie to me again! I know you must have something serious to hide from me. She buried herself in his arms and did not look up at him. After waiting for a long time, she heard Zhanzhao say in a low voice, "Xiao Qi, this matter is too important. I can't tell you now!" Mo Yan raised his head angrily: "Why?"? Don't you believe me? Zhanzhao shook his head. "It's just not the right time yet." "Big Brother!" Mo Yan is not angry with Zhanzhao's distrust of himself, but annoyed that he has to face dangerous things alone. The more Zhanzhao didn't tell her, the more dangerous it was, and the more worried she was about him. If you don't tell me, I'll be annoyed. She slipped out of Zhanzhao's arms, pursed her lips, and stood there, trying to threaten him. With a wry smile, Zhan Zhao could only say, "I can only promise you. When I need your help, I will tell you naturally." To Mo Yan's ears, this is tantamount to not saying: with Zhanzhao's character, when he needs his own help, it is probably when he has been seriously injured and is really powerless. Then I'll go! She turned away in anger, only to hear Zhan Zhao call her behind her: "Xiao Qi!" Thinking that Zhanzhao had finally changed his mind,disc air diffuser, she stopped and waited for him to tell the truth. Don't forget to get up when the cock crows tomorrow. “……” Mo Yan left in a huff. Watching her back disappear, Zhan Zhao smiled helplessly, and suddenly laughed again. Obviously, at the beginning, she was annoyed by herself, but in the end, she became annoyed by herself, which was quite reasonable. At night, except for the guards on night duty, all the people in the Datong Hall had gone to bed. Zhanzhao inspected the museum as usual, then went back to his room, blew out the lights, and was about to rest when he suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. Just a few knocks on the door, but Zhanzhao's heart is tight, people come silently, Belt Filter Press ,rotary vacuum disc filters, with their own ears, unexpectedly did not hear any footsteps, it serves to show that kungfu has been above their own. Who is coming? He asked in a deep voice that this man would never be a person in the Datong Hall with such kungfu. Fly in anger, with wings like clouds hanging down from the sky. The low and heavy voice sounded like thunder in Zhanzhao's ears. It was Hai Dongqing, the man he had been waiting for for a long time, who finally appeared. As soon as he pulled the door open, the man dodged in and said, "No need to light the lamp." Zhanzhao nodded slightly, and by the faint moonlight outside the window, he could see Hai Dongqing wearing ordinary Hu clothes and a leather mask on his face, apparently not wanting to reveal his identity. Hai Dongqing did not explain either. He sat down at the table without any hesitation. He poured himself a cup of tea and greeted Zhanzhao, who was still standing there. "Sit down," he said. "Why are we so polite?" Zhanzhao sat down according to the words. Hai Dongqing chattered endlessly: "Alas, I have been tired all these years, and I can't speak well.". It's good that you're here. It's good that you're here. Bao Zheng finally sent me someone who can talk. How old are you? The moonlight is good tonight. Why don't we worship first? What do you think? Zhanzhao couldn't speak for a moment because he didn't know what to say. It was not easy to see people who thought they would have something important to tell each other, but they never thought they would have to worship first. Zhan Mou has twenty and three. After a while, Zhanzhao said. Great. I'm five years older than you. I'm the eldest brother. He reached out and patted Zhanzhao on the shoulder and said rudely, "Brother, I miss you so much!" “……” "My brother is very famous. He is famous all over Jianghu. Many Liao people have heard of you.". Now that I'm your eldest brother, in the future. He paused, the brilliance in his eyes seemed to dim, but immediately lit up again, "in the future people know that I am your eldest brother, must be very envious, ha ha ha.". ” Zhan Zhao said with a smile, "Elder brother has endured humiliation in Liao for many years. It's Zhan's good fortune to have this elder brother." The author has something to say: I missed a sentence when I copied it, sweat ~ make up for it. Chapter 53 Seemingly unexpectedly, Zhan Zhaohui said so. Hai Dongqing was silent for a moment. Fang said with a smile, "With your words from Nanxia, I haven't been in vain all these years.". I came to see you earlier, but as you know, there were too many things to get away from the funeral of the Empress Dowager. And He looked at him, and his face behind the mask seemed to smile. "And I want to try you more." Zhanzhao was neither surprised nor angry. He said with a faint smile, "It's reasonable for you to be cautious." "It's good that you understand. I can't do this business without caution.". But you really startled me. How did you get the princess to go to that embroidery village? If something really happened, it would be terrible. Zhanzhao did not defend himself, but sighed. In any case, if there is an accident, he is to blame, not to mention Mo Yan's trouble, he has no complaints. Hai Dongqing then said with a relaxed smile, "This is a risky move. You are so bold!"! But in that case, I'm sure she won't suspect you. Because if you are afraid of her, you will never let the princess go to her shop. You know, she's a master of poison! "A master of poison!" As soon as Zhan Zhaofu's hand tightened, Mo Yan's guess was right, and the woman really used poison. Yes, this woman is good at using poison. I have suffered from her. Don't be careless. Hai Dongqing's tone gradually sank, "I have been probing around Yelv Chongguang for many years,multi disc screw press, and I have always wanted to find out who is the person who passed on the military intelligence to him in the Song Dynasty.". After checking for a long time, it was discovered by chance that this embroidery village would send embroidery samples to the mansion every few months, and the political and military situation of the Song Dynasty was passed on to Yelv Chongguang in the embroidery samples. 。