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The master smiled helplessly and said, "I knew you would say that.". Fine. Then I'll tell you. Although your

The master smiled helplessly and said, "I knew you would say that.". Fine. Then I'll tell you. Although your soul power is level 66 now, there are several levels of soul power brought to you by Xiaowu's soul ring. So that in a long period of practice, you have to use it to stabilize these levels of soul power, which leads to a decline in your practice speed. If you just do penance, it won't help you much. I want to fully integrate myself with these soul powers as soon as possible. You have to keep fighting. It is better to fight in the powerful crisis of life and death. In this way, your fighting skills will not only be further increased, but also the speed of soul power will become faster. These days, I have carefully studied Oscar's situation as a food soul master. In the past five years, the speed of promotion is no less than that of you, because he is always facing fatal danger. Under strong pressure, he was forced to promote himself. There is no doubt that his choice is dangerous, but it is extremely correct,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and you have laid a solid foundation in the past five years. But the training in this area is not enough. The capital of killing, that kind of killing only strengthens your aggression and killing heart. It is not a place where you can constantly put pressure on you. So, my advice is to go to a place where you can create this kind of pressure on you. "What is it?" Tang San asked curiously. The Master thought for a moment and said, "It can be said to be a forest of soul beasts.". However, it is unlike any forest of soul beasts you know. Because it is an island,Self-closing Faucet, where there are many strange soul beasts. There are also many strange soul masters. Only a few people in the world of soul masters know about this prescription. Islands? Tang Sanju listened attentively to the master's narration. The master continued, "Let me give you a brief description.". You will know how dangerous it is. The Hall of Martial Soul once sent two thousand soul masters to the island in an attempt to incorporate the soul masters there. The result is that there is no return, and less than a hundred people can come back alive. He also lost two titles of Douro there. That place, Wuhun Temple is called Devil Island, but I know its real name, it should be called Poseidon Island. Episode 29 Poseidon Island Chapter 197 Devil Island? Poseidon Island? The Master said, "That place is called Devil Island in Wuhun Temple, but I know its real name. It should be called Poseidon Island. The Soul Master who lives there calls himself the child of the sea." "After that defeat, the Hall of Martial Soul no longer dared to hit the mind there.". If my guess is right, stainless steel toilet ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, on this island, there is at least one strong soul master, that is, the peak title of Douro, a strong man above level 95. Even the ninety-nine level peerless Douro. Otherwise, Wuhun Temple has suffered such a great loss, how can it not retaliate? Another reason is that the people who live on Poseidon Island will not leave that island. Tang San said in surprise, "There is such a strange place in the world of soul masters. Why haven't I heard you say that before?" The master sighed and said, "If I could, I would never want you to deal with the soul masters there.". I didn't think you would have any contact with them before. Of course I won't tell you. "Have you ever been to Poseidon Island?" Tang San asked. The master nodded, "I have been there once.". It was the time when the Hall of Martial Soul attacked Poseidon Island. At that time, I was still with Bibidong. I heard that there was such a magical place, so I went with them. Only when I got there did I know that there were such a group of unknown mysterious soul masters in the world of soul masters. They are not only mysterious, but also extremely powerful. Our soul masters will be extremely uncomfortable with their contact. The reason why Poseidon Island is called Devil Island by Wuhun Temple is because of that battle. But in fact, although the soul master of Poseidon Island is very difficult to contact, he is not a bloodthirsty person. They have stayed there for generations, calling themselves the children of the sea, also known as the Sea Soul Master. The martial spirits they have are also very strange, mostly related to aquatic animals. Therefore, their soul skills are also very different from ours. Poseidon Island is located in the sea on the west side of the mainland. There, these soul masters with aquatic animal souls can undoubtedly bring their own strength into full play. On Poseidon Island, there are also many strange soul beasts, so I say that it can be regarded as a special forest of soul beasts. Tang San asked, "How many Sea Soul Masters are there?" The Master said, "Every human living on Poseidon Island is a soul master. It is conservatively estimated that there are at least more than two thousand people, or even more.". The reason why I judged that I had the title of Douro at the peak level there was that I killed several people who had the title of Douro in the Hall of Martial Soul and mentioned the four words of Lord Poseidon several times. Looking at their expressions and tones, they are not praying to the gods, but like addressing a person, a person with supreme power on the island of Poseidon. And those several sea soul division are already the strength of the title Douro level. Can make them respectfully called, naturally also if the peak Douro above the strength, but also may be ninety-nine peerless Douro. After listening to the master's story,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Tang San's heart has simply outlined the appearance of a Poseidon Island, "Teacher, do you mean to let me go to Poseidon Island to experience?" 。 cnkexin.com